High-end! Let¡¯s Explore the First-hand and Mysterious "Exhibition Area for Beidou Technology Applications"

Our Reporter Will Take You to Experience the Fantastic Beidou Technology Applications

High quality & close to life, here are the stage pose of Beidou products

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Li Lingyue) Going around all corners of the world, and admiring splendid rivers and mountains. Speaking of the "Beidou", the first thing that comes to our minds is its navigation function. This sophisticated and high-end technology was initially developed for military purposes. With the gradual maturity of Beidou technology, Beidou system gradually opens to civilians, providing accurate services for urban gas, power grid, and intelligent transportation. Have you ever thought that it can extend outwards the military-only situation and become a typical representative of civil-military integration?

On September 1, our reporter visited the Beidou Technology Application Hall for the Sixth Science Expo in advance to help the broad masses of citizens see it ahead of time and feel the "high-tech experience" brought by the Beidou system.

The exhibition hall is of professional and practical features.

The Beidou technology application hall is located at Hall C of the exhibition center. In the early scorching morning of September 1, our reporter came to the hall, where nearly 100 workers were speeding up to set up the exhibition pavilion, and other staff was busy in coordinating.

"Everyone is working overtime to ensure high-quality work." Following the steps of Peng Liang, minister of the Expo Work Department of SDIC Group, the reporter saw that 7,500 square meters of the prototype of the exhibition hall had already been finished. "On August 27, all the workers started to set up the exhibition pavilion. We plan to finish the work on September 4," Peng said.

"What are the highlights of the pavilion?¡± our reporter asked.

Peng said that "professionalism" and "effectiveness" are the characteristics of this pavilion. As one of the series activities in the Sixth International High-Tech Expo, the Seventh Annual Conference of China Satellite Navigation and Position Service and Beidou Application Conference will be held in Mianyang. At that time, more than 10 academicians and expert teams will attend the conference to discuss the new technologies, applications and trends in the development of Beidou navigation industry, promote the docking and cooperation of industrial projects, and promote the transformation of military-civilian integration of Sci-tech achievements.

For the first time, Beidou technology application hall has been set up separately. Nearly 100 Beidou satellite navigation industry chain enterprises, including Jiuzhou, KQ GEO Technologies, Unistrong and Amap Navigation of Alibaba, have been invited to participate in the exhibition, aiming at promoting the rapid development of Beidou satellite navigation industry in Mianyang, even in Sichuan. "This is the first time since previous science expositions that an exhibition hall has set up an industry as the theme, focusing more on the integration of military and civilian core technologies, and closely linking up with local advantageous industries." Peng Liang introduced.

¡°Rocket¡± exhibits debut, which are researched and developed by private enterprise.

In the Beidou technical application hall, a 7-meter-high, 1-meter-diameter rocket model with blue and white as the main colors in Hall C is particularly noticeable. The rocket was sprayed with the words "Star Exploration" and "Star of China Science and Technology City" on both sides (see picture).

The design plan of this "xt" sub-orbital launch vehicle, developed by Beijing Space Trek Technology Co., Ltd., has passed the review in May this year and can be formally launched for further research and testing. As a domestic private rocket launching company, Space Trek has been committed to exploring new technologies, improving space efficiency, and helping build a space power. In addition to the "xt" series launch vehicles, Space Trek will also launch the "xt-1" sub-orbital rocket model, as well as on-board single aircraft products, space launch services, computing and policy services and many other exhibits.

¡°In May this year, ¡°Chongqing Liangjiang Star¡± successfully ignited and lifted off at a base in the northwest, realizing China's first private self-developed commercial sub-orbital rocket flight.¡± The person in charge of the site said that the xt-1 sub-orbital rocket has strong adaptability and can be flexibly adapted to the complex flight test requirements under different loads. It can be widely used in hypersonic aircraft, scramjet, commercial products and other test and assessment of space access. At present, the core supporting products of the first flight rocket have been put into production, and are actively preparing for launching with loads in the beginning of next year. This will be the first case of launching with loads by private rocket enterprises in China, realizing a new leap forward in related technologies.

It is worth mentioning that the enterprise has reached acooperative intention with the city's high-tech zone. It will officially settle down in Mianyang, by signing a cooperation agreement during the Expo.

A wide range of ¡°close to life¡± products debut.

In addition to the high-end rocket, a lot of practical Beidou technology products will be displayed. But how will the Beidou navigation system, which is increasingly used in the civilian market, change the lives of the people?

Before the Jiuzhou Beidou pavilion frame, two workers are carefully constructing the pavilion, which should be set up according to the design regulations. The various application fields of Beidou hi-tech can be reflected by the rich content, vivid theme and visual form of the pavilion.

Jiuzhou Electric Group will exhibit the "Beidou Regional Comprehensive Emergency Safety Monitoring and Early Warning Platform". The platform will provide customized monitoring programs for 20 types of monitoring objects, such as bridges, potential disaster spots, reservoirs, dams and environment. At present, security monitoring projects have been implemented in Yaxi Expressway, Sichuan-Shaanxi Expressway, Panzhihua city, Chongqing and other cities.

The world is so big, I want to see it. At the exhibition, Jiuzhou will also exhibit its ¡°intelligent tourism¡± products, using geographic information technology, Beidou vehicle positioning system, as well as intelligent information technology, so that scenic spot can achieve real-time, dynamic, visualized management, tourists can enjoy the scenic spot intelligent explanation and safety rescue services.

We are all familiar with Amap. It provides routing and navigation services to tens of millions of citizens every day. Besides, Amap has grown into the largest travel service provider in China. In this sci-tech Expo, Amap will bring us the ¡°Amap big data for traffic¡±. The big data can serve for people¡¯s travel, assist the decision-making of the government, and build a data platform for enterprises. Amap aims to be a professional live map.