2018 Sino-German Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation Will Launch on the Sci-Tech Expo

To help Mianyang transform towards intelligent and green Manufacturing

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Guo Ruoxue) Recently, our reporter has learned from the exhibition department office that the 2018 Sino-German Summit on Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation will launch on the Sci-Tech Expo. It is hosted by the municipal government and China Institute of Communications. The main forum and round table forum activities will be held to discuss ˇ°Intelligent Manufacturingˇ±.

Based on in-depth dialogue and in the form of speech & round table discussion, the summit will invite academic representatives, industry experts, entrepreneurs and scholars. During the summit, Yu Xiaohui, chief worker of CAICT, Christopher•Hanseller, head of Information Cooperation Group of Interdisciplinary Cooperative Management Institute, Jens•Juntt, Director of Northern and Eastern Germany Federation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and other delegates will give keynote speeches on the technical development and technical cooperation in key areas of Sino-German intelligent manufacturing. Further discussion will be made to jointly instruct Mianyang to transform towards intelligent and green manufacturing.

It is reported that the summit will combine the ˇ°One Belt and Road Initiativeˇ± and the innovation-driven development strategy, to interpret the future of intelligent manufacturing, the 4.0 German industrial plan and China intelligent manufacturing 2025. We will jointly explore the technological development and technical cooperation in the key areas of intelligent manufacturing in China and Germany, and accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in Mianyang. This will promote the construction of China's Sci-tech city and the modernization of western regions. ˇ°As an important manufacturing country in the world, the manufacturing industry of China and Germany has a strong complementarity and a good foundation for cooperation in terms of structure, advantages, markets and talents.ˇ± ˇ°China and Germany are highly complementary to each other in terms of their innovative resources, which can be said to be the golden partner for innovation and cooperation,ˇ± an offer from the organization committee of the Expo said.