90% of Mianyang¡¯s Government Procurement Goes Online

(Mianyang News) Recently, our reporter learned from the Bureau of Administration that 90% of Mianyang¡¯s government procurement have been completed online since the electronic government procurement system was launched in June 2017. The procurement system is promoted in an orderly way to social agencies, industrial parks and counties (cities).

Our reporter also learned that according to the decisions made by the State Council and the provincial government on the construction of a service-oriented government and a government ruled by law, Mianyang has advanced reform to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services. Mianyang has published The Action Plan for Building a Service-Oriented Government and The Overall Plan for Optimizing and Improving the Administrative Service. Mianyang implemented the government procurement work based on the above two plans through ¡°Internet plus government procurement¡± and published The Implementation Plan for Promoting the Electronic System for Government Procurement Work. Relevant departments worked together as a team to develop the electronic system for government procurement. The system covers all parties involved in the government procurement, including project application, approval, planning, signing of entrusting agreements, preparation of procurement documents, supplier registration, payment of bid bond, uploading of bid documents, project evaluation, confirm of winning bidder or suppliers, and signing of procurement contracts, as well as feedback of acceptance and payment applications, etc. All these procedures will be completed online in the system. The system discloses information online such as procurement notices, procurement documents, evaluation results, contracts, etc. Information regarding the illegal breach of contract by the purchaser or supplier will also be disclosed. It greatly reduces the labor cost and operating cost of the purchasing party and reduces the errors made in the preparation of procurement documents. It also greatly reduces the time costs of bidding suppliers and the costs in the preparation of bidding documents.

Electronic government procurement system is an inevitable trend in the reform and development of the government procurement. It is not only an important step to promote the information disclosure in the administrative services and anti-corruption, but also an inevitable requirement for Mianyang to promote e-commerce and Internet plus. In order to promote the system, Mianyang proposed detailed requirements for electronic procurement work and required departments at all levels to focus on the key section and do a good job in managing procurement agencies, purchasing party, evaluation experts, training for personnel in the finance departments and digital certification.

An official from the Bureau of Administration said that Mianyang will make innovation in services to take the needs of the service target into consideration and fulfill the goal of paperless government procurement online. The Bureau of Administration will invite more parties to participate in the procurement, coordinate with other departments, implement information-sharing, make innovation and streamline the procedures to improve the efficiency of government procurement, reduce the costs and save the time and costs of purchasing party and suppliers.