"Mianyang-Made" Oilfield Measurement System ReleasedwithAccuracy Error not Exceeding 1%

On the afternoon of August 10, a high-tech project called ¡°the Multi-phase Flow Online Measurement System¡± was unveiled at the results conference hosted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) Technology City.

The multi-phase flow online measurement system is widely used in oil field production to meter the production of oil, water and gas in single wells, metering stations and other places. It can online calculate the ratios and production values of each components in real-time even when they are in a mixed state of oil, water and gas.

The multi-phase flow online measurement system has been listed as one of the five key technologies that determine the future oil and gas industry by the international energy community.

So, what is the difference between the multi-phase flow online measurement system and the traditional measurement technology?

¡°Inthe traditional oilfield measurement, workers take the samples with a small bucket and then bring them back to the laboratory for analysis and testing. After the test, the analytical results will be sent to the decision makers. But now thanks to the invention of this equipment, a leader can know the data of a well even if he is on business because workers there can directly take samples and analyze the data through online real-time analysis,¡± said Luo Dequan, the head of the company responsible for the project.

Compared with the four main stream providers in the world, what are the advantages of this technology developed by a Mianyang-based enterprise?

¡°Our technology does not use radio activity, which first of all is safe and protects the environment and the cost is also significantly reduced. In addition, the equipment is also very accurate for its advanced design. The current accuracy error of the multi-phase flow measurement industry is 10% on average,while the accuracy error of this equipment doesn¡¯t exceed 1%.¡±

Luo Dequan told the reporter of Live Mianyang TV Station that at present, due to the advanced technology, the product has been tested in the Sixth Plant of Dongming Oil Production and Dongxin Oil Production Plant of Dongying Shengli Oil field, which are both located in Shandong province. It has received positive comments from them.

(The reporter of Mianyang Radio and Television Station: Lu Wenlin; intern: Gu Yuqi)