Yuan Fang Talks with Jiang Wenxue, Director of the CAAC Southwest Regional Administration

jointly promoting the civil aviation to better serve the local economy in Mianyang

(Chengdu special dispatch, Mianyang News), (Reporter Ma Xinyou) On July 30, a symposium was held in Chengdu between Mianyang government and Southwest Regional Administrationof Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee& acting mayor, and Jiang Wenxue, director of the (CAAC) Southwest Regional Administration and deputy secretary of the Party committee, attended and addressed speeches in the Symposium. The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges on matters such as jointly promoting the development of Mianyang's civil aviation industry.

Yuan Fang said in the symposium that the Southwest Regional Administration of CAAC has paid great attention to the economic and social development of Mianyang for a long time, especially in the civil aviation project, route approval issues, the development of the navigation industry and the construction of the airport. In recent years, Mianyang municipal government has always attached great importance to the development of civil aviation, paid great attention to the construction of airline network and made great efforts to continuously improve the service quality and the flight environment. We have initially constructed the route network covering the main regions of the country, the economically developed cities and the important tourist cities, realizing the transformation from the small airport to the medium-sized airport. Next, we will continue to put the development of civil aviation as our priority, do a good job at airport relocation and general airport construction. We will continue to improve the comprehensive security capacity of the airport, and strive to build a regional comprehensive transportation hub. At present, Mianyang is in a critical period of transition, innovation and leap-forward development. It is urgent to increase the number of flights and further enhance the air accessibility. We hope that the civil aviation authority will continue to support Mianyang by giving guidance and assistance to the air route approval and airspace expansion to promote the civil aviation industry, so as to better serve the local economic and social development.

Jiang Wenxue fully affirmed the achievements of Mianyang's civil aviation industry. He said that as the second largest airport in Sichuan province, Mianyang airport has continued to enhance marketing and route expansion, with 38 navigable cities and 3.5 million passengers through put each year. With the development of the economy and society, Mianyang's civil aviation will achieve great development and broad prospects in the future. He said that the administrative bureau of the civil aviation will continue to play a good role as always, and give more support to the improvement of the security capacity, the construction of the airfield airport, the layout of the airline network and so on. He hoped that it would make more contributions to the construction of the China¡¯s science and technology city and helping Mianyang become a strong western modern city.

Wu Xiaobing, deputy director-general of the (CAAC) Southwest Regional Administration, Tan Gang, secretary-general of the municipal government, and comrades from relevant municipal units attended the symposium.