Yuan Fang: Conducting the Physical Examination of Conscription with High Standards and Strict Requirements

On August 6, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, acting mayor, and leader of the municipal conscription panel, Yuan Fang, visited Youxian District and Fucheng District to inspect the physical examination of conscription in 2018. Yuan stressed that we should further implement responsibility, standardize process, and conduct physical examination of conscription with high standards and strict requirements to deliver more high-quality youngsters to the army.

According to the conscription command of the provincial government and the provincial military region, this year Mianyang has to recruit 1,780 male soldiers, of which college students take up 50%. By July 30, the online applicants have amounted to 10,822, including 3,952 college students.

It is reported that since August 1, the municipal conscription work has been comprehensively implemented. It will end in September 30 and consists of several stages: 1) the completion of physical examination by August 15; 2) the political assessment by August 25; 3) determining the soldiers by August 31; 4) the education and training of new recruits by September 10; 5) the transfer of new recruits between September 10 and September 30. At present, all counties and districts in Mianyang have started physical examination work in succession.

(Reporter from Mianyang Radio and TV Station: Li Jing)