State Key Laboratory Launched in SWUST

The State Key Laboratory for the Environmentally Friendly Energy Materials was officially launched in Southwest University of Science and Technology (SWUST) on July 23. The laboratory was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in May this year. The lab will be managed and operated by Southwest University of Science and Technology for 5 years.

The laboratory will focus on the material foundation theory and key technologies in the sustainable development of construction materials industry, the nuclear industry and the national defense industry, and carry out scientific and technological research for key materials that can be used in the fission and fusion, nuclear waste disposal and radiation safety materials, energy storage and conversion mechanism, energy-saving and energy conservation materials.

The people¡¯s government of Sichuan Province is the main body responsible for the construction and management of the laboratory. During the construction and operation period, the government will provide 10 million yuan for the laboratory every year. The Ministry of Science and Technology will arrange and coordinate national science and technology plans such as the technology innovation guidance plan and the base talent special plan to support the laboratory in improving scientific research capabilities and facilities. With support from the SWUST, the laboratory will be furnished with necessary conditions to conduct research and obtain 20 million yuan as financial support. Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Mianyang will also provide the lab with support.

(Mianyang Radio and Television reporter: Li Jing)