Yuan Fang Hosts a Special Meeting over Post Flooding Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction

To implement post-disaster recovery and reconstruction with scientific planning and coordination

(Reporter: Li Xin) On July 18, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor, Yuan Fang, hosted a special meeting over the post-disaster recovery and construction for the July 11th Flood.

Yuan listened to the report on the post-disaster recovery and construction for the July 11th Flood. On July 11th, Mianyang suffered its worst flood in the past 50 years, which caused a lot of damage to farmland and cultivated land, and losses from crops. Houses, infrastructures such as water conservancy, transportation, electricity, communications and other facilities were also severely damaged in the flood, which resulted in great losses to production and people¡¯s lives as well as social and economic development. After the flood occurred, the municipal party committee and the municipal government paid high attention and responded quickly. With scientific planning, the government has made every effort to implement the disaster relief to protect people¡¯s life and property safety. To date, no casualties or missing persons have been found. Mianyang keeps harmonious and stable.

The meeting stressed that all departments in different counties should be well-prepared for flood prevention and mitigation. All departments should promptly carry out self-relief through production and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction with scientific planning and coordination. Firstly, we should have a clear picture of the flood disaster and conduct disaster damage and loss assessment on houses in urban and rural areas, infrastructures, public services, geological conditions, and ecological environment in the flood-stricken areas based on reality, so as to provide detailed and accurate information for the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. Secondly, we should take actions to implement the relief and resettlement of the flood-affected people to ensure that they have a place to live and have food and water, instead of waiting for disaster relief provided by other cities. We should also hasten repairing infrastructure such as transportation, communications, water, electricity and gas, in a bid to restore production and people¡¯s lives back to normal as soon as possible. Thirdly, we should make multiple efforts to earn support from the national and provincial policies, projects and funds, and actively carry out insurance claims, social donations, and counterpart assistance to provide guarantee for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. Fourth, we should consider the relation between the short-term plans and long-term plans; recovery and upgrading, reconstruction and development properly based on experience, and combine the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction with industrial development and poverty alleviation to facilitate the development in the flood-stricken areas. At the same time, we should also promptly carry out investigations on hidden risks of roads, bridges, water conservancy and other infrastructure in the disaster-strickenareas, and strengthen the monitoring and early warning of geological disasters to prevent secondary disasters. We should also give great importance to safe production during the rainy season, with a focus on the road traffic, non-coal mines, construction, fire control, and safety of hazardous chemicals. Special rectification of safeproduction should be carried out in a targeted manner to prevent and avoid major production incidents.

It was pointed out at the meeting that Mianyang still faced challenges in flood prevention as it is in the main flood season. Departments at all levels should follow the arrangements and plans for flood prevention and mitigation from the central, provincial and municipal governments. We should have the awareness of ¡°preventing flood and great risks and carrying out disaster relief¡±, enhance our sense of responsibility and go all out to fight the battle of flood prevention and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

Member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and deputy mayor, Yan Chao, political commissar of Mianyang Military Division, Wang Zeyuan, deputy mayor, Jiang Liying and Luo Meng, and secretary general of the municipal government, Tan Gang, attended the meeting.