2018•Sichuan Red Summer Camp Launches at the "City of Two Bombs" of Zitong County

(Reporter: Zhao Bin) Recently, the launching ceremony of the ¡°2018•Sichuan Red Summer Camp¡±, sponsored by the Provincial Tourism Development Commission and the municipal government, was held at the ¡°City of Two Bombs¡± of Zitong County. The second-tiered inspector of the Provincial Tourism Development Commission, Miao Yuyan, and the deputy mayor, Luo Meng, attended the launching ceremony. The researcher of the Provincial Tourism Development Commission,Tian Maocheng, presided over the launching ceremony.

Miao Yuyan pointed out that the red tourism base serves as an important learning material for the young, that the red tourism activities is an important form of learning for them and that the red tourism education is an important learning need for them. It is necessary to delve into the enriched content of red resources and innovate the effective supply of red products, extensively inherit red genes, and actively cultivate red tourism quality routes. It is also imperative to turn the red tourism into a ¡°red classroom¡± for the young, helping them to continuously draw nutrients from Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. The young should nurture and practice the core values of socialism, establish a lofty belief from an early age, and show their love for the communist party and the nation.

Luo Meng said that Mianyang attaches great importance to the development of the red tourism and will take this event as an opportunity to protect the heritage of the patriotic education and the national defense education with a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission. Mianyang should also bear in mind the red history, inherit and develop the base of the ¡°Red Summer Camp¡±, carry forward the ¡°spirit of two bombs¡±, bravely march in the forefront of the times, pioneer the path and be devoted, and make relentless efforts to accelerate the construction of China¡¯s Science and Technology City (Mianyang) and the robust modernized city in West of China.

At the launching ceremony, Guang¡¯an, Bazhong, Liangshan, Aba and Panzhihua, introduced 23 red summer camp routes. Guang¡¯an, Bazhong, Liangshan, Aba, Panzhihua and Mianyang were awarded thebanner of the Red Summer Camp. Before the launching ceremony, the delegates presented flowers to the bronze statue of Deng Jiaxian and watched the melodrama combination named Chasing Heroes¡¯ Footprints.