Liu Chao: Resolutely Guard the Glue Sky, Green Water and Clean Soil of Mianyang

Said Liu Chao when supervising the rectification work of feedback problems proposed by the central and provincial environmental inspectors.

Striving to solve the prominent ecological problems and resolutely guard the glue sky, green water and clean soil of Mianyang

(Mianyang News) (reporter Ma Xinyou) How about the rectification of the feedback problems of the central and provincial environmental inspectors? On June 19, Liu Chao, deputy party secretary, mayor and director of the municipal environmental protection committee, went to Fucheng district, economic development zone and other areas to supervise there ctification work of the feedback problems of the central and provincial environmental inspectors. Liu Chao stressed that with a high level of ideological consciousness, political consciousness and action consciousness, we should further strengthen the rectification of the feedback problems of the central and provincial environmental supervision, focus on solving the outstanding problems of the ecological environment, and resolutely guard the blue sky, green water and pure land of Mianyang.

"When is the project completed? What are the problems during the process? "Liu Chao went to the Zhongke Miantou Circular Economic Industrial Park in Yu Huang Town, Fucheng District, to understand the construction of medical waste disposal projects in detail. He emphasized that medical waste is a hazardous waste which do great harm to human health and ecological environment and is related to people's health and environmental safety. He said that in accordance with the requirements of Mianyang Implementation Plan for the Rectification Work of Feedback Problems of the Fifth Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group, we should accelerate the construction of the projects, improve the disposal capacity of medical waste in our city, protect the ecological environment and maintain the health of the masses.

The improvement of the Mianwu Road has already entered the stage in which the pavement structural layer is under construction; the bare soil along the road has been covered and the sprinkler is constantly sprinkling. The pollution problems proposed by the provincial environmental supervision group have been effectively solved. After a detailed inquiry into the traffic dust control, Liu Chao stressed that we should speed up the construction progress under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of the project; we should strengthen the control of the dust, focus on the key sections, pay more attention to the control of the source and establish the linkage mechanism; we should further deepen the prevention and control of the dust pollution of road construction sites, go all out to rectify the feedback problems of the provincial environmental supervision group and try our best to reduce the impact of dust pollution on the surrounding environment.

The Mulong River is a black and smelly water body registered by the State Council.As an important tributary of the Mulong river, the smelly Zhuheyan flows through Fucheng, Economic and technological developmental area and other places with black color and the surrounding residents strongly suffered."Have you found the cause of the black odor of the water?"...Liu Chao came to the Banqiao community of Zhuheyan, carefully inquired about the source of sewage, and studied the remediation plan with the relevant departments.After knowing that the domestic sewage is the main reason for the poor water quality, he immediately demanded that the departments of housing construction, environmental protection and others and territorial government conscientiously implement the requirements of the central and provincial environmental supervision groups, formulate the corresponding treatment program as soon as possible to thoroughly solve the problems through source pollution control and dredging.The river leader system should be fully implemented, and the prevention and control of water pollution, water ecological restoration and water resources protection should be firmly carried out; we aim to basically eliminate the black and smelly water body, providing the people with green bank and clean water where fishes swim happily.

Quanzhou waterworks is a drinking water source in Xin Zao Town, Fucheng district. It is responsible for supplying 2,883 urban and rural residents, enterprises, schools, health centers and other units in Xinzao town.After changing from the underground water to Anchang River, the waterworks has not yet redefined the protection area of drinking water source. After knowing this situation, Liu Chao demanded that the drinking water safety, economic development and environmental protection should be considered synthetically when delimiting the protection area of drinking water source; we should enhance the protection of drinking water source, guarantee the safety of drinking water ensure that the people drink safe water.

In his supervision, Liu Chao stressed that good ecological environment is the most equitable public product and the most popular welfare for people's livelihood.Environmental Inspection is a major institutional arrangement for the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to promote ecological civilization construction and environmental protection work. It is also a serious political task. We should enhance the political awareness, conscientiously carry out Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilization and firmly establish the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets"; we should unswervingly promote ecological priority and green development, standing at the political and global level to treat the construction of ecological civilization and the feedback problems of environmental supervision; we should carry out the major responsibility of constructing of the ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and safeguarding national ecological security.We should adhere to the principle of "addressing both the symptoms and root causes", strictly implement the rectification plan to protect blue sky green water and improve the black odor water body and so on; we should carry out the large-scale afforestation of Mianyang, implement the rive leader system and ensure the permanent blue sky, green mountain and water of Mianyang.We should respond to the concern of the masses; we should adhere to benefit people with ecology; we should focus on people's concerns, expectations and urgent difficulties to solve the outstanding environmental problems that damage their health; we should constantly meet the growing demands of people's requirement of a beautiful ecological environment. We should strengthen supervision, strictly implement the system that the party and government share the same responsibility and conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of the main body; we should resolutely solve the feedback problems of the central and provincial environmental supervision group by taking the methods of special letter supervision, warning prompting and "look back" and so on and strive to create a good production and living environment for the people.

City leaders like Yuan Fang, Luo Meng, municipal party committee secretary-general Zou Ruoli and municipal government secretary-general Tan Gang attended the meeting.