Mianyang Receives 960,000 Tourists, with over 400 Million Yuan in Revenue during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

The 7th Mianyang (Xianhai) Dragon Boat Race for the Dragon Boat Festival

Rainy days cannot stop tourists from finding fun things to do in Mianyang. On June 18, statistics from the municipal commission of tourism development showed that Mianyang received a total of 954,400 tourists during the Dragon Boat Festival, an increase of 20.12% from the previous year. Mianyang's Tourism Industry rakes in about 407 million Yuan in Revenue, with an increase of 19.31% from the previous year.

As the entrance exam to college and high school ended before the Dragon Boat Festival, many tourists are excited to travel. The municipal commission of tourism development collected information on tourist activities in various counties in Mianyang before the dragon boat festival and developed tailor-made tourism products suitable for small holiday trips based on the analysis of the surrounding tourist markets. The tourism activitieswere marketed through various media platforms. During the Dragon Boat Festival, countryside tourism activities including leisure activities in the countryside, a trip to get close to the nature, agricultural experience, and fruit and vegetables picking is getting popular among the tourists. Tourism activities such as Leizu Culture Art Exposition Park in Yanting, barbecue at the international herb garden in Peicheng, 50% off at the west agricultural park, the 2rd champion scholar cultural and tourism festival, blueberry picking activities in Xin Qiao town, driving around village trip in Helin, attracted many tourists to go sightseeing in the countryside. Love Valley in Jiangyou received 12,470 tourists with total revenue of 941,000 yuan. Fule Huaxiang receives 6,600 visitors with revenue of 560,000 yuan. Huacheng fruit farm in Anzhou District received 18,902 tourists with the revenue of 3.0475 million yuan. Yang Jiazhen International Herb Garden in Xiangcheng District receives 15,000 tourists, with total revenue of RMB 850,000. Yanting West Huadu receives 38,000 visitors with total revenue of 5.8328 million yuan.

With many festive activities held in Mianyang, the tourism industry continues to prosper during the festival. Mianyang digs into the traditional culture and folk customs. For examples, Mianyang held the summer tour activities and the 7th Mianyang (Xianhai) Dragon Boat Festival tourism activities, such as dragon boat race in Xianhai district, graduation carnival season activities in water park, the 3rd Cultural Tourism Festivalin Luban Lake, the river rafting activities in Anzhou, which all attracted tourists to spend their holiday in Mianyang. Tourist destinations in Qiang Cheng received 69,923 tourists with total revenue of 172,594 in tourism industry. Yaowang Valley received 3,580 tourists, with total revenue of about 1.35 million yuan in the tourism industry. Jiuhuang Mountain received 11,807 tourists and with a total revenue of about 5.03 million yuan in the tourism industry. Qiqiu Mountain receives 10,600 tourists with total revenue of RMB 1.26 million. Jiangyou Dougu Mountain received 3,835 tourists and registered 287,700 yuan in revenue. Luofu Mountain Tourist Resort received 13,321 visitors and registered revenue of 1.25 million yuan. Xianhai Tourist Resort received 132,000 tourists, with total revenue of 14.26 million yuan.

Before the holiday, all relevant departments standardized the order of the holiday tourism market, and strengthened supervision on the price in the tourism market, as well as sanitary and security supervision, to create a good environment for the tourists. Mianyang also strengthened the emergency response system for complaints and enquiry and required the tourism agency to strengthen internal management to provide reasonable price and quality products for tourists. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the municipal commission of tourism development received 12 phone calls about tourism enquiry and gave immediate reply. No complaint was received from tourists. The city's tourism market is well-ordered and there were no complaints or travel accidents.