Mianyang Helps Civil-military Integration Enterprises through the "Combination of Equity Investment and Bank Credit"

Since the beginning of 2018, Sichuan Zhongwu Material Joint-stock Company in the Hebei's Pingwu industrial Park has received continuous orders.As a newly created civil-military integration enterprise in Mianyang, its high-performance composite materials have been favored by many customers in Shandong, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places.

"We have achieved the upper limit of our production each month, with the output value reaching 10 million to 15 million yuan; the sales revenue more than doubled compared to the same period, introducedLi Zhengwu, financial director of Zhongwu Material Company.

Such a good sales performance is closely related to the high-quality financial services offered to the enterprises.

At the beginning of this year, our enterprise could not finish an important transaction because of shortage of funds, which makes us "Without enough funds, we will lose our quality customers"said Li Zhengwu.

We cannot seek loans in ordinary banks because there is no collateral.At that time, with the help of the municipal sci-tech intellectual property office, we get in touch with the civil-military integration financial service center of ICBC Mianyang branch and successfully obtained the injection of funds.

"First of all, we provided it with 2 million credit loans, and then we invested 10 million yuan through the "combination of equity investment and bank credit" in order to solve the demand for the expansion of the scale of the production", said Tian Huan, deputy governor of the ICBC Mianyang branch.

"With the ten million yuan, we soon solved the capital difficulties, which laid a good foundation for the development of 2018."said, Li Zhengwu.

The "combination of equity investment and bank credit", namely means the integration between equity investment and bank credit.This is the first time for the province to implement such method in the civil-military integration enterprises.It not only enables enterprises to borrow money from banks without collateral, but also greatly prolongs the cycle of capital support.

"The loan tenure lasts for three years. Generally, it is a one-year period, and the three-year period can better help enterprises; it can meet long-term financial needs of enterprises, covering the input of materials and products sales, introduced Tian Huan.

"The successful implementation of the ¡®combination of equity investment and bank credit¡¯ indicates that the bank has successfully transformed from the financial service provider to the enterprise development partner. This will provide multiple financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce strategic investment, equity transfer and capital increase, and effectively break the contradiction between the shortage of credit resources and the difficulty of enterprise financing, thus forming a new win-win pattern for banks and enterprises, said Yang Gongju, responsible leader. The landing of "combination of equity investment and bank credit" is another successful exploration of our city's continuous innovation in financial services.In recent years, through the effective use of credit financing risk compensation and sharing mechanism and "risk pool" funds, the municipal departments have deepened cooperation with banks, insurance, guarantee and other financial institutions to stimulate innovative vitality of financial institutions and promote the financial development of scientific and technological enterprises.

At present, a total of more than 40 scientific and technological credit products have been launched by the technology-credit specialized agencies, such as "golden uranium", "gold seed", "military industry qualification loan" and "housing provident fund credit loan".By the end of March, five sci-tech credit specialized agencies had granted loans of 5.376 billion yuan for 560 sci-tech SMEs; the loan balance is 1.663 billion yuan with 136 accounts.The loan balance of sci-tech loans in the city is 2.816 billion yuan with 1,666 sci-tech accounts; the total amount of intellectual property pledge loans is 399 million yuan.(Lu Wenlin, reporter fromMianyang Radio and TV)