The First R&D Platform for Dual-use Technology Is Set Up in Mianyang

On the morning of June 8, the Sichuan R&D Center of Dual-use Technology was launched in Mianyang.

The Sichuan R&D Center of Dual-use Technology was approved by Sichuan provincial science and technology department in 2017. It is also the first national R&D Platform for Dual-use Technology, which currently includes nine virtual research institutes and four public laboratories.

The Sichuan R&D Center of Dual-use Technology focuses on the transformation of military technology to civil industry and the application of civil technology to national defense. Based on the innovation resources of Mianyang Science and Technology City, it adopts innovation models such as the virtual research institute and registered engineer.At present, innovation resources of more than 20 domestic and foreign universities such as Tsinghua University and Tongji University are gathered. Innovation resources of 14 scientific research institutions including Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Academy of Engineering Physics and more than 30 enterprises, such as Changhong and Jiuzhou have also been gathered here.

"The current scientific research results have a long way to go before entering the market. Through our R&D platform, the new scientific research results can be better adapted to the market development in terms of the adaptability of the technology and the development of the market; the technology can be transformed into commodity and the commodity can then be pushed to the market.In fact, the platform serves as the bridge for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into the market. Through it, we can promote the high-speed and efficient transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and also promote the effective spillover of scientific research resources, introduced Qi Quansheng, director of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Mianyang Science and Technology City.

In addition, the launching ceremony also released 86 research and development achievements of dual-use technology, involving such fields as electronic equipment, information technology, new energy and so on. (Lu Wenlin,reporter fromMianyang Radio and TV)