Liu Chao Examines the Preparatory Work for the Entrance Exams for Universities and High Schools in 2018

Mianyang will make every effort to provide a safe and fair examination environment

The entrance exam for college is held from June 7 to June 8. The entrance exam for high school is held from 11 June to 13 June. On June 4, Liu Chao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, led a team to examine the preparatory work for the college entrance exam and the high school entrance exam in 2018.

Mianyang Puming Middle School is a school directly managed by the Education and Sports Bureau and a standardized test center for national education examinations. The school has 76 college entrance examination rooms and 72 examination rooms for high school entrance exam this year. Liu Chao led the team to visit the video supervision room, listening room, and test paper storage room to learn more about the examination room layout, security facilities, and surrounding environment preparation. They spoke highly of the school arranging the exam supervisors by drawing lots. He stressed that we should strictly implement all kinds of work procedures andcontinue to strengthen the discipline inthe exams. It is necessary to make improvement in the surrounding environment and service support and make every effort to create a safe, secure and fair environment for students to take the exam.

"How many students will participate in the college entrance and high school entrance exam? How many test sites are there in the city?Ą± ... In the city's admissions office, Liu Chao carefully checked the operation status of the online patrol command system andlearned about the estimated numbers of students and the safety and confidentiality of the examination papers. He said that we must strictly implement the confidential system and do a good job in the storage, distribution, and transportation of the exam papers to ensure that security and confidentiality work is completely done.

Liu emphasized that the college entrance examination and the high school examinations involve thousands of families and many studentsĄŻ dreams. We must ensure that responsibilities are put in place in accordance with the national, provincial, and municipal arrangements. We must strictly implement the procedures and regulations for the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, carefully arrange and deploy them, and carefully organize and implement them. We must implement the responsibilities of people on each test site, each examination room, and each examination supervisor. It is necessary to ensure that supervision and management are in place, and the entire process of the delivery, custody, distributionof examination papers is strictly supervised. We must strengthen the monitoring and management of confidential rooms and other key places and key personnel, and prevent the occurrence of intimidation and information leakage. We must seriouslystrengthen the discipline in the exam and the education of honesty, severely crack down on disciplinary offenses, and earnestly safeguard the solemnity and impartiality of the college entrance exam and the high school entrance exam. We must ensure that the school provide the right exam service andadhere to the people-centered approach, put the studentsĄŻneeds at priority, carefully organize and collaborate with each other to provide students with transportation security, food safety, medical services, noise control, heatstroke prevention, and emergency response. We should provide comprehensive services to create a safe, warm and orderly examination environment for students.

Zhang Xuemin, the standing committee member of the municipal committee and director of the publicity department, Jiang Liying, deputy mayor, and Tan Gang, secretary of the municipal government attended the inspection.

Relevant news

A total of 50,414 students in the city signed up for the general college entrance examination this year. The total number of applicants for examination dropped by 1,646 compared with last year. There are 9 examination areas, 23 test centers, and 1592 examination rooms. A total of 40,586 people in the city signed up for the entrance exam for high school, which is a decrease of 1,142 from last year. There are 9 examination areas, 21 test centers and 1361 examination rooms. There are a total of 43,855 students sighed up for the junior high school proficiency examination. There are 9 examination areas, 91 test centers and 1,506 examination rooms.