The 6th China Science and Technology Expo Is Held in Mianyang from Sep. 6 to Sep. 9

(Mianyang News) The exhibition halls cover an area of 70,000 square meters, focusing on the theme of military-civil integration, displaying the achievements in collaborative innovation fields of military-civil integration and high-tech achievements. On September 3, the reporter learned from the Organizing Committee Office of the 6th China Science and Technology Expo that the overall plan for the 6th International Science and Technology Expo of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) has been officially released.

This year¡¯s Expo will be held in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) from September 6 to September 9 with the theme of ¡°military-military integration, technological innovation, and open cooperation¡±. The main content includes exhibitions, major events, and thematic activities. The conference is positioned as an international and national platform for military-civil integration, and openness and cooperation, which focuses on the development of military-civil integration, adheres to ¡°government playing the leading role and market operating¡±, highlights ¡°professionalization, internationalization and marketization¡± and expands the effectiveness of regional open cooperation.

At that time, guest countries and other international guests, members of the inter-ministerial coordination groups for the Construction Department of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) and leaders of the 6th China Science and Technology Expo, investment and financing agencies, intermediary agencies, various corporate guests, exhibitors, buyers, forums guests, experts and scholars from scientific research institutes and universities, representatives from city (state) delegations, a total of 10,000 people, will be invited to attend the meeting.

Information on exhibitions: The exhibition halls covers an area of 70,000 square meters, housing five sections, namely the Military-Civil Integration Hall (A Hall), the International Science and Technology Cooperation Hall (B Hall), the Beidou Technology Application Hall (C Hall), the High-tech Industry Hall (D Hall) and the Large-sized Equipment Exhibition Area (Outdoor E Exhibition Area). Focusing on the theme of military-civil integration, these halls mainly display the achievements in collaborative innovation fields of military-civil integration and high-tech achievements and products in a series of key industries such as electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, artificial intelligence, and scientific and technological defense.

Information on major events: eight main activities are included. Apart from the opening ceremony and the achievements-releasing conference & the closing ceremony, the 6th China Science and Technology Expo will also organize and hold China Beidou Application Conference. Experts, scholars, and industry elites specializing in Beidou satellite research and application will be invited to have in-depth exchanges of technologies and applications in satellite navigation, remote sensing, communications and other satellite systems for an end to promote the sharing and comprehensive utilization of satellite data.

At the same time, at the International Military-civil Integration Innovation and Development Forum, responsible persons and experts in relevant fields will conduct high-level discussions on comprehensive innovation and reform, and the trends of military-civil integration innovation and development. In addition, major events such as host country activities, the Investment Promotion & Purchasing and Supply Matchmaking Conference in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang), scientific and technological personnel exchange activities, the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the Military-civil Integration Professional Competition, will also be held.

Information on thematic activities: Professional forums and large-scale activities of associations highlight the combination of exhibitions and discussions. We will take the initiative to link up with leading enterprises and major domestic industry associations in marketized and specialized way. Leading companies, trade associations and key exhibitors will be the main bodies of professional host forums, allowing seminars to promote the development of key industries. The annual meetings of the Association of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning as well as the Association of China Aerodynamics, and the Second Conference for New Technology and Innovation of Sichuan Tourism are planned to hold. The activities for theme days will organize key scientific research institutes or key enterprises to carry out related thematic activities. At the same time, regarding special investment promotion activities, key enterprises, key exhibitors and key units will also engage in targeted activities of promotions, negotiations and exchanges. Promotion activities, technology and product matchmaking meetings and other activities for key exhibitors are also planned to hold. (Liu Xin: all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)