Liu Chao Holds the Special Session to Study the General Plan for the 6th China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo

Hold a more exciting and effective High-Tech Expo with high quality

(Mianyang News) On April 23, Liu Chao, deputy municipal party secretary and mayor held the special session to study the general plan for the 6th China (Mianyang) Science & Technology City International High-Tech Expo and deployed relevant preparation work.

In the meeting, leaders heard reports on the preliminary preparations and general plan for the 6th High-Tech Expo. They pointed out that as one of the three major exhibitions in Sichuan province, the Expo has been successfully held for five times with the quality continuing being improved. It has won the ¡°National Top Ten Brand Exhibition¡± for three consecutive years and has become an important platform for opening up and cooperation in Sichuan and across the country.

They stressed that this year marks the first year of carrying out the spirit of the19th CPC National Congress and the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It is also the first year in building a western economically developed city. Therefore, the successful holding of the 6th High-Tech Expo is of great importance. The whole city must be guided under the Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, comprehensively put into practice the requirements in such important speeches as made by Xi Jinping when visiting Sichuan province, especially the important requirements for the construction of science and technology city and the development of civil-military integration. We should conscientiously study, understand and seriously implement Peng Qinghua¡¯s requirements of expanding the opening up and further enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility standing at the height of the overall situation and strategy. We should coordinate closely with each other, organize meticulously, and work hard to make the 6th Expo more exciting and more effective, thus comprehensively improving the level of Mianyang's opening up and cooperation.

In the meeting, they stressed that we should set an accurate positioning. We should focus on the co-building of civil-military integration demonstration platform for common sharing, with the theme of ¡°civil-military integration, technological innovation, and opening up and cooperation". We should consider this theme in all aspects and links such as event arrangement, forum setting, exhibition display, etc. We should make efforts to establish the Expo into the international brand-name exhibition brand and important platform that highlights the integration of civil-military characteristics and enhances the level of openness and cooperation. Second, we should have a good focusing. We should further focus on the characteristic of civil-military integration, with the aim to build the best exhibition of civil-military integration and meticulously organize and plan related major events and special events. We should share the cutting-edge civil-military integration development experience from the world and concentrate on the display of the latest dual-use products. We should actively explore the effective path for the deep development of civil-military integration, striving to make the Expo an important carrier for promoting the formation of deep development pattern with total factor, multi-field, and highly-efficient civil-military integration. Third, we should improve the quality. We should try to increase the level of specialization, actively expand the participant resources from all parties and jointly organize all kinds of major special events. We should promote the transformation of the Expo from ¡°regular exhibition¡± to ¡°series exhibition¡±. We should increase the level of internationalization and establish a global perspective and strategic vision by doing a good job in the invitation of the host countries and preparations for the international forum activities, attracting more national, regional and international companies to participate in the exhibition. We should strengthen the level of marketization and continue to innovate the exhibition mode. We should give full play to the enterprises' market entity role in attracting investment, organizing activities, and supporting services and so on, to improve the marketization level and sustainability of exhibitions. Fourth, we should create good image. We should abandon the concept of ¡°holding exhibitions only through exhibitions¡±, insisting on equal emphasis on publicity and brand promotion. Apart from guiding all parties from all walks of life to focus on the Expo, we should extend their attention to the building of National Science and Technology City, the western economically developed city and the Sichuan economic deputy center. Through these efforts, we will jointly promote Mianyang, a place full of energy and hope, to the whole country and to the world.

The meeting called for improving the ideological position and further enhancing the awareness of the overall situation and the sense of responsibility. On the basis of the good foundations existing in the previous period, we should guarantee the high standards and high quality of all preparatory work. We should clarify the division of responsibilities and further decide on the initiating units, responsible leaders and responsible persons. We should make the list to ensure that all work is carried out and supervised by relevant persons. We should be closely coordinated to form a powerful combination of up-and-down linkages, joint management and promotion, and ensure that each preparatory work has been vigorously, orderly and effectively promoted.

City leaders like Li Yalian, Yuan Fang, Yang Xuening, Wang Minghua, Jiang Liying, Luo Zongzhi, Dai Shenglong, assistant commander of Mianyang Military Sub-district, Zou Ruoli, municipal party committee secretary-general and Tan Gang, municipal government secretary-general attended the meeting.

Source: Mianyang Daily