The Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products Is Improved by "Four Directions" in Mianyang

The qualified rate of agricultural products is 98%

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Li Lingyue) In recent years, our city has revolved around the supply-side structural reform of agriculture, and the quality and safety of agricultural products has been improved by "four modernizations". The qualified rate of quality and safety of main agricultural products is above 98%.

WeˇŻll build systematic quality supervision system. With the aim of creating a quality and safety county of agricultural products, we have built a grid system of inspection and supervision, which is based on the city-level inspection center as the lead, the county-level inspection station as the basis and the market testing room as the supplement. And the quality and safety supervision ability of the city's agricultural products has been improved as a whole.

WeˇŻll strive to promote green agricultural production. Taking the combination of planting and breeding as a breakthrough, we has promoted the modern ecological and recycling agriculture of "fertile field of Mianzhou" in the whole region, implemented farmland renovation and construction of high-standard farmland, promoted the reduction of input in agricultural production, cleaner production process, utilization of waste resources, and superior quality of products. A total of 321,800 mu of high-standard farmland has been built, and the coverage rate of green prevention and control and unified control has reached 31.5% and 49.4% respectively.

WeˇŻll set up standardization of base construction. We has established 29 regional local standards, strengthened technical guidance services, and focused on farmers' cooperatives, large-scale farming families, family farms, so as to promote the construction of standardized demonstration areas. And we has built 76 demonstration areas of 10,000 mu modern agriculture, 275 standardized demonstration farms for livestock and poultry, and 28 demonstration farms for aquatic health.

WeˇŻll build product brands. We have implemented the "five major projects" of brand building and "eight actions" for quality and safety, formulated supporting policies of "three products and one standard", and cumulatively built 634 agricultural products of "three products and one standard" such as the apis cerana in Pingwu County of Sichuan Province. "Shuhaopai fragrant rice" has been awarded the gold medal at the 18th China Green Food Expo.