Uganda Agricultural Delegation Visits Mianyang

(Mianyang News) (Reporters: Yang Wanshou, Xie Yan) Recently, the Ugandan minister of Agriculture, Husbandry and Fisheries of the Republic of Uganda, Vincent Bamungakaki Sempija, led a government agricultural delegation to visit Mianyang and signed with Sichuan Wanxiang Investment Group a memorandum of strategic cooperation on developing modern agriculture projects in Uganda.

During the visit, the Ugandan agricultural delegation visited Beichuan Dazhengsheng Pig Breeding Base, Beichuan Weisite Agricultural Modern Tourism Park, and Tieqi Lishi Group to inspect modern agriculture, automobile manufacturing and high-tech industries of Mianyang. During the visit, the delegation had tours of the modern aquaculture, professional markets and project construction of Wanxiang Group, and conducted in-depth exchanges and communication with Sichuan Wanxiang Investment Group on the status quo, opportunities, investment concepts and investment plans for the development of China-Uganda agriculture. The two parties signed the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation in Uganda¡¯s Modern Agriculture Projects to introduce capital, management, technology, participation, demonstration, and to promote the modernization of Uganda¡¯s agriculture.

The Ugandan delegation expressed its appreciation for the achievements made in the economic and social development of Mianyang as well as its gratitude to the government for its counter-party reception. It believed that the strategic concept of Chairman Xi¡¯s ¡°Belt and Road¡± and ¡°Building a community of human destiny¡± conforms to the historical trend and has received the response of African governments and peoples. At present, Chinese enterprises are carrying out infrastructure construction and interconnection in Africa, and there is broad prospect for strengthening cooperation in agriculture. In the future, Mianyang will continuously strengthen the friendship and strategic friendly cooperation with Uganda so as to achieve mutual benefit, cooperation, and win-win results.

Deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Zhu Wanquan, and deputy mayor, Jing Dazhong, attended the signing ceremony.