Officials from the Vietnamese Government Visit Mianyang

On April 12, officials from the Vietnamese government visited Mianyang. Yue Yong, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and director of the organization department welcomed Li Mengjin, deputy director of the General Staff Headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense and major general in Vietnam, on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. Yue introduced Mianyang and the earthquake relief and reconstruction work after the Wenchuan earthquake.

Yue said that the Communist Party and the general public has wond a great victory in earthquake relief and post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction. People in Mianyang have been forging ahead on the path of scientific development with the spirit reflected in the earthquake relief and post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction. Last year, Mianyang's GDP exceeded RMB 200 billion and outpaced other cities in Sichuan province, with growth that ranked first in Sichuan.

Yue said that this meeting will deepen the friendship between both parties and further strengthen the exchanges and communication for both parties to create a bright future.

Li said that he is happy to see the achievements made in the reconstruction of Mianyang after the earthquake, which left a great impression on the Vetnamess delegation. The post-earthquake reconstruction reflects that the government puts people first and promotes the resolution of problems affecting people's well-being, Li said. He hopes that they can learn Mianyang's experience in the economic and social development and strengthen exchanges and communication to deepen the friendship between China and Vetnam.

Lu Mingxiong, member of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Sơn La and the vice chairman of the people's government at the provincial level, attended the meeting.