The Symposium on the Protection and Utilization of Earthquake Heritage Site will be Held in Mianyang From April 13 to April 15

Recently, the management center of the Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum announced that the symposium on the protection and utilization of earthquake heritage site will be held in Mianyang from April 13 to April 15. The symposium is one of a series of events to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in Mianyang.

The symposium was jointly sponsored by China Association for Cultural Heritage Conservation, China Association for Disaster Prevention, the publicity department of the municipal government, and the Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum. With the theme of "conservation of Earthquake heritage site and keeping the city's dauntless spirit", the event is to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake and to further promote the conservation of earthquake heritage sites and the city's dauntless spirit.

During the symposium, over 60 experts and scholars from relevant research institutions will get together to deliver keynote speeches and discuss the conservation and ultilization of Beichuan earthquake heritage sites, and share experience in the management and conservation of earthquake heritage site from other cities. They will visit the earthquake heritage site in Beichuan County, the Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Musuem, and Earthquake Science Musuem to review the earthquake relief work. They will see what efforts Mianyang has made in the conservation and utilization of cultural resources from earthquake heritage sites to establish a cultural industry with Mianyang characteristics.

The earthquake heritage site in Beichuan County is considered as the only earthquake disaster site that has been kept in a condition as close to its original condition as possible, which presents the earthquake disaster and destruction. With an area of 266 hectares, the heritage site has 12 important heritages and 16 grade 1 listed buildings and 75 grade 2 listed buildings and 5 heritage with typical geographical conditions. With care and conservation, the heritage site was open to the public in May 2010.