Mianyang¡¯s Major Scenic Spots Receive over 680,000 Tourists During the Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday

Mianyang¡¯s major scenic spots receive over 680,000 tourists and earn more than 120 million yuan

(Mianyang News) (reporter: Li Chunmei) The blooming pear flowers and vernal spring breeze usher in the Tomb Sweeping Day. Facing the unsatisfying weather during the three-day holiday, half rainy and half sunny, citizens still maintained high enthusiasm to have an outgoing in spring. Our reporters learned from the Municipal Commission of Tourism Development on April 7 that 17 major scenic spots, rural tourism belts and leisure resorts monitored by Mianyang received 687,153 tourists and earned 126.691 million yuan in total. The whole city features rich and colorful tourism products, high tourism popularity, and standardized and orderly tourism market.

The tourist activities are splendid and the spring travel is full of characteristics. On the eve of the holiday, the Municipal Commission of Tourism Development went to Xi¡¯an, Chongqing and other places to carry out a series of targeted tourism marketing activities. The holiday, with cloudy weather and suitable temperature, coincides with the new year¡¯s rural cultural tourism festivals held in different regions one after another. Various kinds of activities took place during the tourism festivals. Beichuan Qiang Minority Autonomous County launched many theme activities, including the 6th Magnolia Flower Ecotourism Festival, the 6th Qiang Tea Festival in Beichuan, the Gaitou Mountain Ancient Qiang Tea Art Cultural Festival and the Tea-Leaf Picking Festival in Leigu Town, and the 3rd Bamboo Shoot Picking Festival in Tongkou Town. Some beautiful flowers, such as the peonies in Qinglian Town, Jiangyou, the magnolia flowers on Wujiahou Mountain, and the tulips in Love Valley symbolizing hundred-year love, have become tourists¡¯ new favorites during this holiday. Trips to suburban areas in Youxian District feature the Xiaoxiaogou Peony Flower Show and Jiezi International Grassland Music Festival in Orchid Garden. Pingwu County launched a series of festival events focusing on the Ancient Tea Horse Road and the Green Tea Cultural Tourism Festival. Besides, the activities also include the Pear Blossom Festival in Honghuayuan, Huagai Town, and the Hundred Flowers Festival in Lexing Town, Anzhou District, the outdoor extending in the Blooming Cherry Happy Valley and the parents-child activity in an orgiastic town in Santai County, and the root-seeking and ancestor-worshiping activity held in Lei Zu mausoleum and the flower-watching tour in West Flower Garden in Yanting County. All kinds of activities in different forms attracted many tourists. For instance, Beichuan Qiangcheng Tourist Area received 80,300 tourists and realized tourism revenue of 19.43 million yuan in total; Xiqiang Jiuhuang Mountain Scenic Area 24,800 tourists and 10.7148 million yuan; Medicine King Valley Scenic Area 22,200 tourists and 7.8845 million yuan; Xianhai District 51,000 tourists and 7.55 million yuan.

People¡¯s travel methods tend to be diverse and self-driving travel to suburban areas is dominant. With the increase of the quality life of residents, the sustainable improvement of traffic conditions, and the increasing popularization of private cars, self-driving and self-service travels have become a trend. The travel market during the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is dominated by local tourists and has less group tourists. Many tourists choose family self-driving travel to suburban areas, returning to nature, relaxing themselves, tasting the country¡¯s specialties and enjoying the comfortable and relaxing hot spring. Luofu Mountain Hot Spring Resort received 32,600 tourists and realized tourism revenue of 2.6775 million yuan; Huachengguo Village in Anzhou District 320,300 tourists and 60.802 million yuan; Jiangyou Love Valley 28,700 tourists and 1.7954 million yuan; the Yuanxiang International Vanilla Garden in Fucheng District 17,000 tourists and 620,000 yuan; the West Flower Garden in Yanting County 20,500 tourists and 3.1427 million yuan.

The quality of tourists has generally improved and the civilized traveling has yielded remarkable results. With the continuous progress of ¡°governing tourism by law and standardizing the market¡±, the awareness of tourist enterprises to conduct integrity management and of tourists to safeguard their legal rights has been generally improved, and the concept of civilized traveling has been deeply rooted in people¡¯s hearts. Various major scenic spots have set up volunteer service posts, added some notice boards reminding people of civilized traveling and polite manners, and arranged civilized persuaders and volunteers to offer warm services. The tourism departments of different counties, county-level cities and districts have worked with scenic spots to jointly conduct on-the-spot consultations, establish publicity exhibition areas, make publicity boards, hang publicity banners, put up posters showing integrity management, and give out flyers on civilized traveling. By doing so, they can instruct tourists to realize civilized traveling and rational consumption. The uncivilized behaviors of tourists in scenic areas have been greatly reduced, and the civilized traveling trend has gradually taken shape.