Tai Princess Sirindhorn Pays a Visit to Mianyang

(Mianyang News) (reporter: Yuan Yuan) At the invitation of the Chinese government, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand visited China recently. Princess Sirindhorn and her entourage paid a visit to Mianyang accompanied by Zhang Jinming, chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and Zhao Yingchun, deputy mayor of Mianyang, on April 7.

Princess Sirindhorn and her entourage went deep into the old county of Beichuan and visited the earthquake site. Before the monument of the ¡°May 12¡± earthquake, they stood in silent tribute and offered flowers to express their condolences to the earthquake victims. Afterwards, Princess Sirindhorn went to Mianyang Pioneer Road Princess Sirindhorn Primary School. There, she visited the campus and exchanged views with the teachers and students. She also watched the performances of students from Princess Sirindhorn Primary School and Royal Thai Chitralada School and then donated 100,000 yuan to Pioneer Road Princess Sirindhorn Primary School.

It is known that Princess Sirindhorn has visited China 42 times since 1981 and has long been committed to promoting the friendship and pragmatic cooperation between China and Thailand. Therefore, she has been crowned as an envoy of friendship between the two countries. After the ¡°May 12¡± great earthquake in 2008, Princess Sirindhorn donated 50 million Thai Baht (about 10 million yuan) to rebuild Mianyang Pioneer Road Princess Sirindhorn Primary School. With the concern of Princess Sirindhorn, Pioneer Road Princess Sirindhorn Primary School and Royal Thai Chitralada School have become sister schools. The two schools conduct an exchange every year and have formed a normal exchange mechanism. Today, Princess Sirindhorn Primary School has become a symbol of friendship between China and Thailand.

Seeing students full of youthful spirit, Princess Sirindhorn said happily that she hadn¡¯t come to Mianyang for a long time and missed everyone very much. She was very happy to see that the campus is more beautiful and the children are making greater progress. She also cited a well-known saying of Confucius, ¡°Isn¡¯t it a pleasure to study and practice what you have learned?¡±, to express her hope that students will continue to love learning and life, make progress, and grow up healthily and happily in the future.

Zhao Yingchun stated that under the concern of all sectors of society in China and Thailand, Pioneer Road Primary School develops fast and will become an urban primary school with advanced educational concept and schooling thought as well as first-class educational goals and comprehensive education quality. It will live up to the love donations of Princess Sirindhorn and the high expectations of all sectors of society.