The People's Government of Mianyang Municipality Enters into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yuan Cheng Group Co., Ltd

On 30 March, The People's Government of Mianyang Municipality entered into a strategic agreement with Yuan Cheng Group Co., Ltd. Liu Chao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, Huang Yuancheng, chairman and president of Yuancheng Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

Liu Chao said in his speech that the logistics industry is an important part of the modern service industry, and a basic and strategic industry that supports the development of the national economy. As a large modern integrated logistics group, Yuan Cheng Group has always followed the principle of "taking care of customer¡¯s logistics needs with heart and deliver all over the world¡± and has become a leading company in China¡¯s modern logistics industry. Mianyang is the only Science and Technology City of China and the second largest city of Sichuan Province. It is also a city which plays an important connection role in the ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± route and the Yangtze River economic belt. In recent years, we have firmly followed the guidelines from Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and focused on developing the real economy to promote the sustained and healthy growth of the city's economy, Liu said. Modern logistics is one of the key industries for development in Mianyang, as it has a solid foundation and great potential. The successful agreement signing of the government and Yuan Cheng Group marks the start of a new journey for both parties, hand in hand, to foster mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.

Liu said that developing the cooperation of logistics industry between Mianyang city and Yuan Cheng Group is in line with the national strategy and policy for accelerating the development of modern service industry, and meets the need for economic structural adjustment and the transformation and upgrading of industries. This shows the confidence and determination of both parties in promoting the development of modern logistics industry, which will have a wide and far-reaching impact on the regional economic development. Liu hopes that Yuan Cheng Group will give full play to its strength to speed up the implementation of projects with detailed planning and coordination, improving the city's modern logistics system and enhancing the level of standardization, informatization, intellectualization, and intensification of logistics. We will provide quality services for Yuan Cheng Group in Mianyang and create a good environment for both parties to establish a model project in the integrated logistics park. We hope that both sides will make good use of this project to seize the opportunity in the nation's policy for speeding up the development of modern service industry, Liu said. He propose that both parties should seek new cooperation in various sectors of the logistics industry, and promoting the balanced development of logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, finance and other industries to make greater contribution to the economic development.

Huang said that Mianyang has an absolute advantage in its geographic location, complete infrastructure, and solid industrial structure and its economy has shown good momentum for further growth. What's more, the government shows sincerity in seeking cooperation with Yuan Cheng Group and provides us with good investment environment, which has increased our confidence and determination in making investments in Mianyang, he said. We will actively develop practical cooperation with Mianyang city based on our strengths and strive to build up an integrated logistics service park with various business, advanced management and big impact, making contribution to the economic and social development of Mianyang.

Yuan Fang, member of the municipal party standing committee, deputy secretary of the party working committee of science and technology city, standing deputy director of the management committee presided over the signing ceremony of the agreement. At the ceremony, Luo Zongzhi, deputy mayor and Yu Weiliang, head of the decision-making committee of Yuancheng Logistics City and assistant to chairman of Yuan Cheng Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on behalf of both parties.

Tan Gang, secretary of the municipal government, and Zheng Fang, executive vice president of Yuan Cheng Logistics City Group, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

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According to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement, Yuan Cheng Group Co., Ltd. will establish the Yuan Cheng Chuan Bei Smart Logistics City with a total investment of approximately RMB 9 billion in Santai County. With an area of 1,800 acres, the Smart Logistics City includes the transshipment center, urban distribution center, the express logistics center, the cold chain center, the medical warehouse and service center, the special delivery center, the product processing center, the supply chain and financial service center, the auto center, the e-commerce center, the logistics information center, the trade shows experience center, the logistics consulting and training center, the Chuanbei transaction settlement center, the bonded warehouse, the Category 2 port , the vehicle testing line, and the supporting facilities according to the principle of  "planning and arranging as a whole, designing by phases, implementing step-by-step". After the project has come into service, it will bring about a total output value of RMB 12 billion, and annual tax revenue of over RMB 900 million, creating 30,000 jobs.

Source: Li Zhihao, all-media reporter from Mianyang daily