The Leading Group of Special Campaign for Combating Underworld Gangs and Eradicating Evil Forces in Mianyang Held a Special Meeting


On March 5th, the municipal leading group of special campaign for combating underworld gangs and eradicating evil forces held a special work meeting. It informed the implementation of the work in the previous period, analyzed the existing problems and shortcomings, and made arrangements for the further advancement of the special campaign. Xia Fengjian, the leader of the leading group, member of the municipal standing committee and secretary of politics and law committee, attended the meeting and addressed. Part of the responsible persons for the leading group attended the meeting.

The meeting demanded that at present the city¡¯s anti-crime and anti-evil campaign must meet the requirements of the central government, the provincial Party committee, and the municipal Party committee and make further detailed arrangements. It required that the party committees and governments at all levels must regularly research, analyze, and deploy special anti-crime campaigns, coordinate all functional departments and form ¡°one chess game¡± pattern to promote the work. It required that we should further expand the clue source, establish a sound working mechanism, enrich the work carrier and extend the information tentacles; we should push forward the frontlines, effectively coordinating the sources of public security body, industry departments, grassroots people and other clues, and increasing the breadth and accuracy of clue sources. We should further crack down on underworld gangs and evil forces. The public security agencies must play a leading role, and the political and legal departments should coordinate with them to clearly crack down on the key points; we should highlight the effectiveness of crackdowns, dig deeper into the ¡°protection umbrellas,¡± and strengthen the management of chaotic points; we should improve the level of law enforcement and eradicate evil forces with accuracy. We should further create a strong atmosphere of propaganda, effectively using various forms to mobilize the people to actively participate in the special fight against underworld gangs and evil forces. We should comprehensively use various media to quickly form strong positive propaganda and effectively enhance the people¡¯s confidence and determination in fighting against the underworld gangs and evil forces.