Liu Chao Presides over the Third Meeting of Overcoming Difficulties in Construction of Mianyang

On February 28, Liu Chao (vice secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor and officer in charge of the mission of overcoming difficulties in city construction of Mianyang), chaired the meeting and conveyed the spirit implicit in the 2018 Provincial Housing and Urban-rural Construction Work Conference. He heard the briefing about the construction of projects in 2017 and reviewed The Plan for Constructing Key Projects to Overcome Difficulties in Construction of Mianyang in 2018.

It is known from the meeting that in the past year, all relevant departments have carefully implemented the arrangement and deployment laid out by the municipal party committee and the municipal government. Mianyang has launched 118 projects through hard work and good coordination, with an investment of 7.97 billion yuan. Mianyang has made new headway toward overcoming difficulties in city construction of Mianyang and improved the quality of urban functions, thus enhancing the sense of happiness of citizens.

The meeting stressed that to overcome difficulties in city construction of Mianyang is of great importance for Mianyang to build a modern infrastructure system, to hasten building Mianyang into a robust western economy city and to constantly meet people¡¯s increasing need for better life. Relevant departments should thoroughly study and apply the important spirit implicit in the speeches general secretary Xi Jinping made when visiting Sichuan. They should adhere to the people-centered development thought and constantly push forward the actions to overcome difficulties in city construction by mainly constructing new districts, improving team-building and enhancing the image of old districts. Specifically speaking, they should constantly expand urban space, optimize city layout, improve urban functions and city quality, make efforts to make new districts appealing, to build vigorous teams, to change old districts and to help counties make breakthrough. They should also delegate responsibilities, earnestly implement The Plan for Constructing Key Projects to Overcome Difficulties in Construction of Mianyang in 2018 and formulate specific and feasible ¡°road map for work¡± and ¡°time schedule¡± through indexation and accountability. These efforts will help to make each and every task of overcoming difficulties in city construction more refined, concrete and specific, and to hold each department accountable. They should strengthen overall coordination, organically integrate urban construction and the construction of concentrated development zones and combine project planning and the production and living of citizens. They should scientifically formulate project layout and reasonably set out and implement plans so as to make the construction of projects more in line with the urban development needs and the demand for people¡¯s well-being. In accordance with the requirements of ¡°four batches¡±, they should improve the mechanism of progressing projects orderly, and gradually achieve the goals of expanding new districts in the north and east parts of Mianyang by rivers, stretching toward the south part of Mianyang and optimizing layout, building an agreeable ecological environment in east part of Mianyang, improving team-building to gain popularity, enhancing the image of old districts and hastening the development of counties through strengthening functions. They should speed up project construction, adhere to goal orientation and problem orientation, make plans clear, establish the awareness of security and high quality, and make every endeavor to speed up project construction. They should start the projects earlier, complete them earlier and put them into use earlier so that people can live a more convenient, more comfortable and more beautiful city life.

The member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and vice mayor, Yan Chao, deputy mayor, Luo Meng, director of the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone, Dong Hong, the city government secretary, Tan Gang, attended the meeting.

Source: Mianyang Daily (Reporter: Li Zhihao)