Mianyang will Build Six New National-standard Automatic Monitoring Stations of Water Quality

"In the future, the public could view and supervise the quality of surface water in our city at any time, like real-time air quality monitoring data. ¡°On March 6, our reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection that Mianyang will build six new national-standard water quality automatic monitoring stations, and related work is currently being stepped up.

In accordance with the Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station under the Monitoring Network of National Surface Water Environmental Quality, Sichuan province needs to build 48 national-standard water-quality automatic monitoring stations. Among them, Mianyang builds six new national-standard automatic monitoring stations of water quality; Beichuan, Pingwu and Jiangyou each have one and Santai builds three. Up to now, the project has basically completed the project site selection, land acquisition, "four connections and one filling" and other work. Next, Mianyang will complete the quality construction of national-standard automatic monitoring station of surface water according to the schedule, under the arrangements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Provincial Department of Environmental Protection.

¡°At present, the water quality of Mianyang's state control points has been publicized once a month.¡±, said relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. Since the completion of the national-standard automatic monitoring stations of water quality, the water can be sampled and analyzed 24 hours a day and the data can also be uploaded to national, provincial and municipal environmental monitoring stations in real time, publishing the real-time monitoring data of water quality. This could further improve the quality of monitoring data of surface water, promote continuous improvement of water quality in our city and better control and protect water environment.(Su Donghua, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)