Three Teams of Mianyang Are Awarded for National and Provincial "Excellent Family Doctor Team" Respectively

The National Health and Family Planning Commission and Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission recently announced the list of "2017 National Outstanding Family Doctor Team" and the "2017 Provincial Outstanding Family Doctor Team"; three teams of Mianyang are on the list.

They are: Shuangjian village family doctor team from Zhongxing Center Hospital, Youxian District, which has won the "2017 National Outstanding Family Doctor Team", Nanta Road community family doctor service team from Nanshan Community Health Service Center in Fucheng District, and Shuikoumiao service team from Dakang town signatory team in Jiangyou City, which have won the "2017 Provincial Outstanding Family Doctor TeamĦħ.

It is reported that in recent years Mianyang has attached great importance to family doctor service contract and put it into the target assessment of 2017 livelihood projects and poverty alleviation of municipal party committee and government. Mianyang firstly introduced in the province the Implementation Advice on Promoting Mianyang Family Doctor Service Contract and the Guidance on Mianyang family Doctor Service Contract Package and Its Standard of Paying and Receiving. In these documents, we focus on promoting the construction of a healthy Mianyang and achieving the goal of universal access to basic medical and health services, deepen the comprehensive reform of grassroots health and continue to explore ways to improve the forms, contents and incentives of family doctor service contract. The service targets extend from the key population to the entire population, and the second and third level hospital specialists become the strong backing of the family doctor team; residents can also choose personalized service packages according to their own needs and enjoy the life-time health and wellness services. Family doctors provide medical treatment on common and frequently-occurring diseases for the grassroots and community, guidance on seeing a doctor and appointment and referral services, which greatly meets the basic medical service needs of the masses. By the end of 2017, Mianyang has set up 1,899 signatory service teams and signed up to 3 million people; all the permanent registered poor residents are covered by the contracting service. (Zhang Muyu, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)