Mianyang Launches Special Rectification of Fire Safety and Implements the Management Responsibility

(Mianyang News) In order to effectively strengthen fire safety management of senior citizen's homes, prevent and curb fire accidents, Mianyang has intensified efforts to regulate the fire safety of senior citizen's homes, carrying out safety inspections to ensure their safe and stable operation.

In the earlier period, Mianyang carried out special rectification work on the fire safety of senior citizen's homes, conducted inspections on their buildings and places of activities and examined in detail the following things: whether the institutional facilities were perfect, whether the responsibility system for fire safety was implemented, whether the persons responsible for fire safety and the managers were clear, whether the fire safety management system is sound, whether the fire engine access, evacuation routes and the safety exit were unobstructed, whether the emergency lighting and evacuation signs, fire extinguishers and other equipment was intact and effective and so on. They addressed the problems while inspecting and urged the units with potential safety hazard to immediately rectify or rectify within a time limit to shut down the source of fire hazard.

In order to build a comprehensive safety defense, Mianyang strictly enforces the responsibility of fire safety for senior citizen's homes. It supervises and urges them to implement the fire safety responsibility system according to law, to clearly organize the institutions and personnel, establish and to improve fire safety rules and regulations. It also supervises and urges units to formulate and strictly implement the fire and electricity safety management system and to identify the specially-assigned person to carry out day-to-day fire inspection. It also enhances support for the provision, renovations and transformation of fire facilities of senior citizen's homes, making efforts to build a three-sphere fire safety management network-personnel protection, material protection and technology protection.

At the same time, Mianyang also actively promotes the standardization of fire safety of senior citizen's homes, improves the hardware facilities, establishes the system, standardizes management practices and improves self-management level of fire safety. It also carries out centralized fire safety knowledge training on persons responsible for the fire safety and managers to cultivate professional personnel. It also organizes units to carry out fire emergency evacuation drills to improve the prevention of fire hazard and firefighting self-defense and self-help capacity, timely eliminating potential safety problems and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the city's senior citizen's homes. (Chen Zhenyu, Yuan Yuan, all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)