The City's Work Style Conference on Government Affairs Services System Is Held

Self-examination and correction, serious rectification and implementation

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Xie Yan) A few days ago, the municipal bureau of government affairs service management held the city's work style conference on government affairs services system and the work meeting about the rectification and reform on the feedback problems by the provincial examination and reform office and arranged the deployment of related work on work style construction.

The conference informed the relevant problems fed back by the provincial examination and reform office through unannounced visits and organized the study of Sichuan Province Rules of Accountability for Violating the Law and Discipline in Administrative Examination and Approval and other relevant provisions. The relevant  units and departments are required to carefully examine and correct the problems of the feedback, conscientiously rectify and implement them, and focus on solving the outstanding problems such as the difficulty of the masses, ill-mannered service attitude and low service efficiency.

The meeting stressed that the relevant units and departments should attach great importance to it and the department leaders have to take the overall responsibility. They should investigate and verify the problem of feedback one by one, implement rectification and complete it within a time limit. And such acts of damaging the legitimate rights and interests of the masses as inaction, disorderly action and slow action should be seriously investigated. The phenomenon of "asking for briberies" and "ill-mannered attitude" should be put an end. At the same time, the relevant units and departments should plug the loopholes in the system and strive to build a good mechanism of "using the system to manage people, to run affairs and to restrain power". They should bring the rectification and work style construction into the performance evaluation of the annual target of government affairs service work and the evaluation of building service-oriented government. They should make a strict assessment of the rewards and punishments and punish those who disobey orders and defy prohibitions, so as to further improve work style, optimize work processes and accelerate the construction of service-oriented government.