Mianyang Plans to Invest 14.372 Billion Yuan in 166 Transport Projects in 2018

Our reporter learned from the recently-held meeting ¡°To Overcome Difficulties in Mianyang Transport Construction¡± that Mianyang planned to invest 14.372 billion yuan in 166 transport projects, to continue the construction of 58 projects and start the construction of 108 projects in 2018. To date, 122 projects have been completed. These efforts were made to fully implement the spirit implicit in the Municipal Committee Economic Work Conference and the 2018 ¡°Project Year¡± Work Conference.

It is known that in 2018 Mianyang will stick to the basic tone of seeking improvement in stability and work harder to overcome difficulties in Mianyang transport construction in accordance with the requirement to hasten building Mianyang into a robust western economic city with high quality. Among the projects completed, there were 160 highway projects and waterway projects with an investment of 13.67 billion yuan, accounting for 95.1% of the total investment, up 5% against 2017; There were two railway projects with an investment of 630 million yuan; There were four airport projects with an investment of 72 million yuan, an increase of 11 percent over 2017.

Mianyang will vigorously promote the construction of the expressway net of ¡°one ring, eight directions and four links¡± and accelerate the construction of the channel to link the outside world. To that end, six expressway projects will be constructed, among which Mianyang will ensure the completion and operation of Mianyang-Xichong expressway. Mianyang will also comprehensively accelerate the construction of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang expressway. To date, the completion rate of the roadbed, the bridge and the tunnel is 30%, 40% and 18% respectively. The completion rate of the roadbed of Guangyuan-Pingwu expressway is scheduled to reach 5%.

Mianyang will also double efforts to build a network of ¡°two vertical and three horizontal¡± standard national highways and ¡°four vertical, four horizontal, two directional and seven linking¡± standard provincial backbone highways. 19 trunk highway projects, which stretches 502 kilometers, will be constructed. Nine projects, which stretches 201 kilometers, will be continued and 10 new projects, which stretches 301 kilometers, will be initiated. To date, five projects, which stretches 117 kilometers, have been completed. Nine projects of national and provincial trunk highways are scheduled to be completed with moderate and major renovation. Mianyang will accelerate the construction of the roadbed project of the G108 trans-urban section, making efforts to fully launch the first-phase project of 18 kilometers. The second-phase project (the 8.2 kilometers from Nanyi Ring to Mianzi Road) of the line-altering S205 section (Youxian section) was completed and opened to traffic. The roadbed of the third-phase project (the 17 kilometers from Mianzi Road to Jiangyou passing Beier Ring) was completed, linking the Laolongshan tunnel. The S416 Mianzhong highway will be completed and opened to traffic. The restoration and reconstruction of the disaster-obliterated G247 Pingwu section was completed. The roadbed of the S418 Huagai-Suishui section was completed. The construction of the G347 Zitong-Jiangyou section will be initiated.

In 2018, Mianyang will vigorously promote the construction of rural roads and constantly improve the coverage and depth of rural roads so as to ensure the poverty alleviation and rejuvenation of rural areas. Mianyang will also hasten improving roads of counties and townships, widening the width of the roads which connect tourism resources, mineral resources and industry, changing ferryboats into highway bridges, and widening the width of village roads. 75 rural highway projects, 485 kilometers of county and township roads, 976 kilometers of village roads, 1168 kilometers of community roads and 4 highway bridges will be built.

In 2018, Mianyang will accelerate the construction of Chengdu-Lanzhou railway, and start the construction of Zaojiaopu railway logistics base. The expansion of the Mianyang airport ramp and the cargo warehouse will also be completed this year.

(Article by Tian Mingxia, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily/Photo by Visual Mianyang)