4.28 Million People Visit Mianyang During the ¡°Golden Week¡± of the Spring Festival, Creating 1.8-billion-yuan Tourism Revenue in Total, up 19.34 Percent Year on Year

On February 21, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Development Commission that the tourism economy of Mianyang maintained a steady growth in the Spring Festival this year, with a total of 4.2849 million visitors, a year-on-year increase of 19.62%. Total tourism revenue was 1,800.1499 million yuan, up 19.34 percent year on year.

This year during the ¡°golden week¡± of the Spring Festival, the tourism market of Mianyang mainly had the following characteristics:

Tourism products were well-supplied. Counties and downtown areas rolled out nearly 30 tourism products by manifesting their own characteristics, attracting travelers from far away to visit Mianyang. These products include Songs and Dances Performance ¡°The Wind from Mountain Qiang¡±, the Folklore Performance ¡°The International Vanila Garden Spring Festival Folklore Temple Fair¡±, the Experience of Love and Wedding Customs ¡°Let¡¯s date at the Love Valley in 2018 and Enjoy the Chinese Lunar New Year¡±, the Village Tour ¡°To See Oil-paper Umbrellas at Maoergou to Experience the Colorful Spring There¡±, the Worship Ceremony ¡°To Seek Our Root at the Luozu Tomb¡±, the Ice and Snow Festival ¡°The Most Beautiful Ice Waterfall in the World of Ice and Snow¡±, to name but a few.

Main scenic spots of Mianyang made remarkable profits. 12 scenic spots enrolled into the list of tourist statistics and monitoring upturned both in total tourism revenue and visitors. Qiangcheng Scenic Spot of Beichuan received 587,600 visitors, earning a tourism income of 121.38 million yuan; Qiqu Mountain Scenic Spot of Zitong received 155,200 visitors, earning a tourism revenue of 10.26 million yuan; Xianhai Resort received 141,500 tourists, earning a tourism revenue of 16.986 million yuan; Dakang Love Valley of Jiangyou received 54,700 tourists, making a tourism revenue of 4.6279 million yuan.

Self-driving tour, high-speed rail tour continued to heat up. Since the opening of Chengmianle Intercity high-speed railway passenger dedicated line and Xi¡¯an-Chengdu high-speed railway, self-driving tour and DIY tour have been the main forms for tourists from Chengdu, Dengyang, Xi¡¯an and Chongqing. In addition, due to the policy that less-than-seven-seat small vehicles were free during the ¡°golden week¡± of the Spring Festival, floods of people drove their own vehicles to visit their friends or relatives in Mianyang. According to statistics, during the ¡°golden week¡± of the Spring Festival, self-driving and DIY tourists accounted for 75% of those who visited Mianyang.

The rural tourism market was popular. With the continuous enhancement of the integration of rural tourism, to have the Spring Festival in countryside and to experience the folklore and customs of the Spring Festival has been popular among tourists. Anzhou ¡°the Flower and Fruit City¡± tour, Yanting ¡°the Eastern Flower City¡± tour, Jiangyou ¡°Fruit Words and Flower Brooks¡± tour, Youxian ¡°the Flower Village of Richness and Happiness¡± tour and other rural tours were extraordinarily popular. Farming festivals with enriched folklore characteristics were also loved by tourists. The number of tourists and tourism revenue both increased by more than 20% in key rural tourism scenic spots like Anzhou ¡°the Flower and Fruit City¡± Scenic Spot, Youxian ¡°the Flower Village of Richness and Happiness¡± and the International Vanila Garden.

Civilized travel became increasingly popular, with ¡°the toilet revolution¡± being highly praised. During the ¡°golden week¡± of the Spring Festival, 2300 people of Mianyang participated in tourism volunteering activities like traffic channeling, uncivilized travel correction, travel advisory services and tourism emergency disposal. Uncivilized behaviors like graffiti and littering were significantly reduced, thus promoting the development of civilized travel. The newly renovated 244 toilets in the scenic spot were all open to the public. Most of them were sufficient, clean, free and effective in management, which contributed to a more pleasant experience for tourists.

(Reporter: Li Chunmei)