Crowds of Tourists Flood into Mianyang Scenic Spots on New Year's Day

The total number of visitors registered 270,000, bringing nearly 40 million yuan

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Xie Yan) During the New Year¡¯s Day holiday, Mianyang seized the opportunity of the successful operation of Xi¡¯an-Chengdu high speed railway by holding targeted winter tourism marketing activities. Major scenic spots of Mianyang also held characteristic winter tourism activities, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. According to data released by the municipal Tourism Development Commission, over 270,000 tourists visited the main scenic spots of Mianyang during the three-day holiday, bringing 42.93 million yuan.

During the holiday, major scenic spots of Mianyang rolled out myriads of colorful tourism activities. For example, Pingwu held a series of junketing activities; Beichuan held several theme activities, such as performers from Qiang Mountain had their visits to local pensions and Jiuhuang Mountain Ice and Snow Festival and Beichuan Pork Soup Festival were also successfully held; Fucheng District invested hundreds of millions in the Herb Garden and presented a laser show by using the world¡¯s top 3D waterscreen imaging technology; Xianhai scenic spot held a New Year lake-cruising orientation hiking and a strawberry-eating contest; In Yanting, animals were offered in sacrifice at Luozu Temple, praying activities were held at Phoenix Mountain and strawberry picking was held at the Flower City of Western China. These activities were so splendid and diversified that floods of tourists were attracted to visit these places. According to statistics, during the three-day holiday, 38,400 tourists visited Xianhai District, bringing 4.2 million yuan; 48,500 million visited the scenic spots of Beichuan Qiang city, bringing 12.4152 million yuan.

During the three-day holiday, it was so sunny and cloudy in Mianyang. More than 13 monitored major scenic spots were dominated by self-driving tourists from local and surrounding cities, with rural tourism becoming the first option for most citizens to take a pleasure trip. ¡°The tourism market during the three-day holiday featured local tourists and few tour groups, and many tourists chose to self-drive to suburbs with their family.¡± The speaker from the municipal Tourism Development Commission told the reporter that with the improvement of living standards and transportation, private cars have become increasingly popularized, and self-driving and self-service travel has become a trend. According to statistics, during the three-day holiday, 38,237 million people visited Luofu Mountain Hot Spring Resort, bring 4.7391 million yuan; 32,110 million visited the Town of Flowers and Fruits, Anzhou, bringing 3.9106 million yuan; 28,300 million visited the former International Herb Garden of Fucheng District, bringing 1.7 million yuan; 29,600 million visited the Flower City of Western China, bringing 2.7463 million yuan.

During the New Year¡¯s Day holiday, all the major scenic spots in our city established volunteer service posts, added notice boards to advocate civilized tourism and courtesy, arranged courtesy supervisors and volunteers to offer enthusiastic services. Tourism departments at counties and downtown areas worked with scenic spots to offer on-site consultation by setting information booths, making information boards, posting pictures which advocated being honest in business, distributing brochures which introduced civilized tourism and rational consumption. For the sake of these measures, tourists were much less uncivilized. The concept of civilized tourism has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, thus forming a virtuous culture of tourism.

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, the city¡¯s Travel Quality Monitoring Institute, on the one hand, required scenic spots to strengthen quality control and to improve tourism management services so as to reduce complaints from tourists. On the other hand, it also paid close attention to suggestions and complaints from tourists made during the three-day holiday and addressed them within the shortest time. During the three-day holiday, Mianyang dealt with 20 calls for travel consultation and a case of complaint. The tourism market of the city was so orderly during the period that complaints and tourist safety accidents were totally absent.