"Heat" Continues! The Mayor's Hotline Answers 1580 Calls during the New-year Holiday

(Mianyang News) (reporter, Deng Juan) The mayor's hotline "heat" stays unabated throughout the new year's holiday. More than 1,580 calls have been answered during the holiday. According to the priority order of reflecting problems, the mayor's hotline center coordinated with the relevant departments to solve them timely, in accordance with the principle of "solving the urgent problems timely, special problems with special consideration, and knotty problems with all strengthˇ±, which gained warm praise from the masses.

It was said that during the holiday, the mayor's hotline "12345" was opened as usual, and it was on duty for 24 hours to help the public solve all kinds of difficulties and problems. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements, municipal departments and county (city, district) governments have arranged on-duty class leaders and staffs to coordinate with the mayor's public phone, so as to serve for the public timely, quickly and effectively.

During the whole holiday, the mayor's hotline answered a total of more than 1,580 calls relating to different subjects, including consumer rights, noise nuisance, transportation, odor nuisance, stalls occupying, social security consulting, food security, water and electricity supply problems. According to the priorities of the callers, they were immediately answered, coordinated and transferred to the relevant responsible units according to their functions and responsibilities. All the problems reflected by the public calls were dealt with in a timely and effective manner.