The Forum of Mianyang-Liangshan Paired-Up Assistance Work Is Held

The forum of Mianyang-Liangshan paired-up assistance work was held in the city of Xichang on December 18. The forum is aimed to implement the spirits of some conferences, including the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Second Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Party Committee and the provincial video and telephone conference on promoting the poverty alleviation of high-poverty areas. Lin Shucheng, secretary of Liangshan prefectural Party committee, and Liu Chao, deputy secretary of Mianyang municipal Party committee and mayor of Mianyang, attended and addressed the forum. Sugaerbu, deputy secretary of Liangshan prefectural Party committee and governor of Liangshan, chaired the forum. Lin Shucheng, on behalf of Liangshan prefectural Party committee and the prefectural government, extended his gratitude to Mianyang for its paired-up assistance of Zhaojue County and Butuo County. He stated that all cities and districts that engage in poverty alleviation have given substantial support to those areas in need with great care and responsibilities since Mianyang-Liangshan paired-up assistance started; they have realized perfect match in work arrangement, concentrated their attention and energy on supportive measures and achieved desired results of targeted poverty alleviation; As a result, the paired-up assistance have gained a sound momentum of ¡°multiple driving forces and all-round prosperity¡±.

Lin said that he hopes the two parties will further strengthen their cooperation in poverty alleviation to realize ¡°concerted efforts in poverty alleviation, resource sharing and win-win cooperation¡±. First, we should firmly keep in alignment, carry out the specific requirements and step up efforts to lift high-poverty counties out of poverty and live a well-off life. We should make great efforts to construct the new countryside, optimize the condition of such infrastructures as water, electricity, roads and internet, and improve public service at the same time. We should place emphasis on industrial support and enhance poor people¡¯s capacity of ¡°maintaining and strengthening their vitality¡±. We should do a good job of labor training export, perfect the docking mechanism of trans-regional labor cooperation and set up a platform for targeted export of labor service.

We should focus on education and health assistance to push forward the common construction of educational and medical institutions in our two regions. We should attach great importance to paired-up assistance and realize full coverage of village assistance in line with ¡°five ones¡± so as to make sure that no household or person is left behind in the course of getting rid of poverty and striving for a well-off life. Second, we should expand our cooperation field and improve our cooperation level to advance the further development both in scope and in depth of Mianyang-Liangshan regional cooperation. We should actively boost the regional collaborative innovation by relying on the policy superiorities offered by the central and provincial government to support the scientific and technological innovation of our two regions. We should promote the coordinated development of industry cooperation. We should mainly work on the development of such industries as vanadium and titanium as well as rare earth albata; we should also develop production and consumption bases for upstream and downstream products of such industries as electronics and machinery for each other and speed up the construction of mutual tourist destinations and tourism-generating regions. Third, we should improve our working mechanism, reinforce our work efficiency and foster collaborative examples of paired-up assistance. We should perfect inter-governmental cooperative and contact mechanism and realize the coordinated alignment of trans-regional and trans-department major issues. We should optimize multi-level coordination and exchange mechanism to promote the friendly exchanges among enterprises and social organizations of our two regions. We should perfect the long-term mechanism in terms of supporting cadres to take temporary posts and introducing talents; we should send cadres to take temporary posts to each other¡¯s departments mainly centering on aspects, including urban planning and industry cultivation. We should improve information publicity and sharing mechanism and work hard to create a favorable atmosphere for further exchanges and cooperation as well as win-win development.

Liu Chao congratulated on the remarkable results of Liangshan¡¯s economic and social development. He pointed out that giving paired-up assistance to Zhaojue County and Butuo County of Liangshan Perfecture is a major and glorious political task the provincial Party committee and government have assigned to Mianyang; it is also Mianyang¡¯s obligatory duty as a brother city. Since the paired-up assistance work started in August last year, we have always put it in the same position on a par with targeted poverty alleviation of our own. We have planned, advanced, implemented and assessed these two tasks synchronously and achieved certain results.

Liu Chao said that we will actively follow, in both thinking and action, the important strategic thought of poverty relief and development proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping as well as the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee; we will also carefully implement the Suggestions on Further Stepping up Efforts to Boost the Poverty Alleviation of High-Poverty Counties issued by the provincial Party committee and government; we will, with sincere feelings and lofty responsibilities, devote all our efforts to managing various work offering paired-up assistance to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture; we will resolve to win the tough battle of poverty alleviation of Zhaojue County and Butuo County together with the local cadres and masses; we will always lead the way in our work and strive to become the model of giving paired-up assistance to high-poverty areas to help them get rid of poverty. First, we should concentrate our efforts on hosing safety and infrastructure construction. We will align with rural housing construction projects, such as new stockaded villages of Yi Autonomous Prefecture and the transformation of dangerous and old rural houses, and reinforce the support of infrastructure construction, like roads; we will help to improve the living and production conditions of farmers and herdsmen. Second, we should make great efforts in industry development, employment and income improvement. We will make full use of the complementary advantages of our two regions in resource endowment, industrial structure and market demand; we will cooperate with each other to develop characteristic industries in the light of local conditions; we will uphold the idea of improving both people¡¯s aspiration and skills to help realize the goal that ¡°the whole family will get rid of poverty as long as one person get a job.¡± Third, we should commit our efforts to the development of social undertaking and the improvement of public service level. We will increase the financial support for the construction of infrastructures, including the local schools and hospitals; we will strengthen the supply and cultivation of urgently-needed professionals, cultivating a contingent of cadres that will stay in and fight for the local area. Forth, we should focus our efforts on work cohesion. We will continue to uphold the principle of meeting the development demand of regions that accept assistance, realizing the aspirations of people in those regions and according with Mianyang¡¯s capacity; we will coordinate forces of all parties to help Zhaojue County and Butuo County keep up with other regions in Sichuan province and even the whole county in building a moderately prosperous society. Liu also hopes that our two regions continue to strengthen cooperation in paired-up assistance and take it as an opportunity to deep our exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way to make our friendly cooperation yield more fruitful results.

At the forum, Sha Wen, member of the standing committee of Liangshan prefectural Party committee and secretary of Butuo county committee, and Zikelage, secretary of Zhaojue county committee, delivered reports on the assistance work. The representatives from Fucheng District and Jiangyou County reported the progress of paired-up assistance that is given to Zhaojue County and Butuo County. The representatives from institutions of higher learning and medical institutions made speeches on behalf of Southwest University of Science and Technology and the Municipal People¡¯s Hospital respectively.

The participants of the forum also include Yue Yong, member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee and minister of the ministry of organization, Tan Gang, general secretary of the municipal government, Lu Qiang, general secretary of Liangshan prefectural government and directors from relevant departments of Mianyang and Liangshan.

Source: Mianyang Daily (reporter: Li Zhihao)