Liu Chao Attends On-the-Spot Meeting of Mianyang Project Investment Work and Delivers Concluding Remarks

(Mianyang News) At the time when the whole city thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, Mianyang held the on-the-spot meeting to check over investment work from December 14 to 15. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor Liu Chao attended the meeting and delivered concluding remarks. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee Fu Kang attended and made comments.

Big things may be reflected through small ones. During the concentrated two days, the meeting was held through ways of on-site visit, summary and comments-making, and promotion conference. Attendees visited 13 major projects from 9 counties and 4 industrial parks, and systematically summarized investment work and project construction situation in all counties and industrial parks accordingly. The on-the-spot meeting of project investment work, which has been held for three consecutive years, showed progress, main effects and experience of investment work in different counties, reflected ideological level, philosophy, mental state and work style of officials at all levels, and formed a sound momentum of sparing no effort to develop projects and focusing on large projects.

Mianyang has maintained the momentum of development. Attendees visited different places for evaluation and assessment. In Hi-tech District, systems of leader¡¯s liaison to major project and ¡°project coordinator¡± has been improved, the items subject to administrative examination and approval have been reduced and adjusted, the construction of BOE project has been accelerated, and ¡°Hi-tech Service¡± brand has been created. Anzhou District has cleaned up idle land and pushed forward construction. Over 2000 mu of ineffectively used land has been utilized and an investment of 7.6 billion yuan has been newly increased, promoting industrial development. In Pingwu County, project interview and regular meeting systems have been set up and project investment has been strictly evaluated. Both the growth rate of total investment in fixed-assets from January to November and investment progress of major provincial and municipal projects ranked first in Mianyang. The Xianhai Lake with beautiful landscape, historic and cultural S&T Industrial Park full of scientific and technologic senses, ¡°Beautiful Qiang City¡ªFan-Mei Aviation Technology City¡± and Chonghong Military-Civilian Integration & Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park featured with military-civilian integration...On all these project sites, what attendees felt were the development vigor, the firm commitment and the resolution to learn from and catch up with others. They all thought that there are many highlights, great potential and broad prospects in the development of Mianyang.

On the afternoon of December 15, Liu Chao chaired project investment promotion conference. He pointed out that since this year, Mianyang has conscientiously implemented decisions and arrangements from the Central Party Committee, the State Council, Sichuan provincial party committee and the provincial government. We have always carried out economic work with project as the center, always put project investment as a focal point of ensuring steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, and improving people¡¯s livelihood, and pushed forward ¡°Project Year¡± action. As a result, a steady growth in investment volume, the optimization in investment structure, advances in major projects, and improvements in working mechanism have been witnessed, all of which have promoted the scientific and accelerated development of Mianyang¡¯s economy.

Liu Chao stressed that in the two weeks before the end of 2017, all departments should keep to goal-oriented and problem-oriented approaches, find the prominent problems, figure out the exact causes and take specific measures with strong operability to solve problems in project operation, so as to work to achieve full-year targets. Firstly, pushing forward projects under construction. We should conscientiously implement systems of leader¡¯s liaison to project and project coordinator, enhance follow-up services, take initiative to go to the construction site, find the problems and solve them, enhance match-making and accuracy service, speed up project construction, and make great efforts to increase investment volume and form more work volume. Secondly, making sure that new projects enter into the database. We should strengthen interdepartmental cooperation, strengthen information collection about new projects in time, and check over all projects under construction to ensure that all eligible projects enter into the database. Thirdly, pushing for greater coordination from government at higher levels. We should objectively report investment work and construction situation of major projects to push for greater coordination from government at higher levels.

Liu Chao said that the Report to the 19th CPC National Congress underlined ¡°the crucial role of investment in improving the supply structure¡±. Investment is important in ensuring steady growth, adjusting structure and improving people¡¯s livelihood; investment-focused work means project-focused work. We should make early arrangements and take early actions for work in project investment in 2018, so as to take the initiative and lay a solid foundation.

First, setting targets and tasks scientifically. We should have a correct understanding of basic conditions and fully realize that the stable growth in investment this year will surely be sustained and consolidated with the enrichment of project reserves and the signing of investment attraction projects, and will surely provide a substantial boost to investment growth in our city. We should strive for promotion on the existing basis, further strengthen study in and analysis of investment situation, have a clear understanding of current situation and make scientific estimates, put forward investment targets for the next year as early as possible, and work hard for improving rankings of investment volume and growth rate among other cities in Sichuan.

Second, enhancing project packaging reserves. We should follow closely the policy orientation and accordingly package major projects in time to enable more projects to be included as part of national and provincial ones. We should highlight key fields and plan major industrial projects including development of emerging industries and reconstruction of traditional industries, infrastructural projects including roads, irrigation and network, and environmental protection projects including garbage and sewage treatment and industrial waste treatment. We should have an understanding of people¡¯s demands and plan targeted poverty alleviation projects, social programs and livelihood projects including improvement of public services and transformation of shanty towns to firmly keep the initiative in our work.

Third, working fully for pre-project. We should set priorities for different tasks and lay emphasis on classification management, scientifically make preliminary work plans for projects in 2018, lay out pre-project tasks in detail, and specify responsibilities and due time to lay a solid foundation for project implementation. We should strengthen interdepartmental cooperation to form the joint effort, and pay special attention to work in project demonstration and approval, prequalification and environmental impact assessment. We should set up a budget subsidy mechanism for pre-project work, and accelerate the construction of supporting facilities to ensure the commencement on schedule.

Fourth, strengthening project element security measures. We should make overall plans and coordinate with focus on projects, implant the idea of coordinating all the activities like moving on a chessboard, enhance communication and coordinates closely, and promote implementation of ¡°multiple plans integration¡± to create the conditions for smooth project operation. We should keep up land supply with a twin-track approach, speed up cleaning up idle and ineffectively used land, pursue land saving and intensive uses, and actively strive for incremental land quota; the priority of land utilization should be given to major projects. We should make every effort to find funds, exert the leverage amplification effect of fiscal funds, push forward the reform of investment and financing circulation system, encourage and support the adoption of PPP mode in major projects, and encourage banks to innovate financial products to satisfy different investment and financial demands.

Besides, Liu Chao made arrangements for investment work in the first quarter of 2018 in order to ¡°make a good beginning¡±.

On the promotion conference, municipal development and reform commission briefed attendees on investment work in Mianyang. Representatives from Fucheng District, Anzhou District, Hi-tech District and municipal communications bureau made speeches.

Municipal leaders including Yan Chao, Yuan Fang, Yang Xuening, Dai Shunxing, Jing Dazhong, Han Shengjian, Luo Zongzhi, Luo Meng and Hu Anhu attended the conference and made some comments. Dong Hong, director of the administrative commission of Hi-tech District, secretary-general of municipal party committee Zou Ruoli and secretary-general of municipal government Tan Gang attended the conference. (Li Zhihao, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)