The Implementation Plan for the Military-Civilian Integration High-Tech Industry Concentrated Development Passes the Assessment of the National Development and Reform Commission

The experts from China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, which is entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, assessed the implementation plan for the military-civilian integration high-tech industry concentrated development of Mianyang on December 11. The participants present at the appraisal meeting include Yan Chao, member of the standing committee of Mianyang municipal party committee and executive vice mayor, He Feng, researcher of the research department of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Lan Jin, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Liang Xin, deputy director.

At the meeting, Yan Chan, on behalf of Mianyang municipal people¡¯s government, introduced the implementation plan in terms of four aspects, namely the general situation of Sci-Tech of Mianyang, the early-stage project implementation of industrial chain, the implementation content of concentrated development of military-civilian integration high-tech industry and the implementation guarantee. The expert group raised questions and had discussions about such issues as the effect of the early-stage project implementation, basic conditions and development advantages, the rationality of construction goals and main tasks, and the feasibility of major projects. Members of the group all agree that the early-stage implementation of Hi-tech industrial chain converting military-oriented enterprises to civilian production of Sci-Tech City of Mianyang has achieved remarkable results and produced prominent features. Besides, they also think that the special project of further implementing the concentrated development of military-civilian integration high-tech industry while systematically advancing comprehensive innovation and reform experiments is feasible.