Overtime Government Service Will Be Tried Out at All Mianyang Entity Service Halls

(Mianyang News) In order to further offer convenience to the masses, Mianyang's government affairs service halls at all levels began to try out the overtime service from December. December 2 is the first Saturday in December. The related service windows at MianyangĄ¯s all government affairs service halls still work as usual, including the municipal government affairs service hall, municipal social insurance service hall, municipal public security and traffic police service hall, and the government affairs service halls at the county and district levels.

In accordance with the overall arrangements for the construction of service-oriented government, since December 1, 2017, all Mianyang's government affairs service halls have tried out overtime service. The window staff extend their working time to help the clients complete relevant public affairs service items accepted on the legal working day. These public affairs service items include housing provident fund, housing transactions and inquiries, registration of real estate mortgage, tax declaration and payment. At the same time, citizens could enjoy the overtime service at all the city's government affairs service halls on Saturday (except legal holidays).

Relevant responsible person of municipal government affairs services management bureau said that the Saturday overtime services are mainly for some personal particulars concerning people's livelihood. So, people who are busy with work from Monday to Friday can handle these issues at the related government affairs service hall on Saturday, such as housing provident fund, housing transactions and inquiries, registration of real estate mortgage, tax declaration and payment, birth, adoption, household management, marriage registration, preferential allowances, social insurance and others. We also carry out the reservation service for enterprises. They can make appointments through the Internet and the relevant department window will open up the corresponding green channel for acceptance.

"Next, we will publicize widely through carriers like municipal media, municipal government affairs service website and government affairs service entity hall display screen and notice board, so that more people can know this policy as soon as possible and arrange their time flexibly. The responsible person said that during the trial process of overtime service, Miangyang will uphold the principle of "facilitating the masses". We will make corresponding adjustments to work hours and opening of work windows according to the needs of the masses and actual processing of these items. At the same time, the overtime service will also be included in the annual target assessment by the municipal governments to make assessments, ensuring effective and accurate service for the masses and creating a truly service-oriented government for the people. (Xie Yan, all media reporter from Mianyang Daily)