Liu Chao Makes an Inspection in Guangzhou

Introduce market philosophy and advanced business model  

Advance the transformation from scientific and technical advantages to development advantages

(Mianyang News) During the Fifth International Sci-Tech Expo of China Sci-Tech City (Mianyang), the Military-Civilian Integration Intellectual Property and Finance Summit Forum of China in 2017 was hosted by Boao Zhongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( It is the first time among all previous Sci-Tech Expos that a professional forum was held by a private enterprise through market-oriented means. Thus, it received great concern from various parties. Liu Chao, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Mianyang, led his team to inspect Boao Zhongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou on December 1. There they also attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Mianyang Municipal Government and Boao Zhongheng.

During his inspection, Liu Chao carefully learned about the development history, operation pattern and strategic planning of Boao Zhongheng and watched the demonstration of enterprise service platform for resource sharing with intellectual property at its core. He congratulated on the excellent performance of the company. He said that Boao Zhongheng builds the ecosphere of ¡°intellectual property and business¡± with intellectual property at its core, realizes the commercialization, industrialization, financialization and living environment of intellectual prosperity by means of ¡°intellectual property plus internet plus sharing economy¡±, which is worth approving and learning. During his discussion with Xie Xuhui, chairman of the company, Liu said that Boao Zhongheng is a professional facilitating agency of intellectual property that serves scientific and technological enterprises as well as innovative enterprises. It takes the endeavor of building the ecosphere of ¡°intellectual property and business¡± and serving the transformation and upgrading of enterprises as its strategic high ground and has formed an overall sustainable business model. As a result, it has become a leading enterprise of innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou. Mianyang is an appointed city where comprehensive innovation and reform experiment is systematically promoted by the county as well a national demonstration city of intellectual property. It boasts numerous institutions and enterprises, abundant scientific and technological resources and obvious innovation advantage. The number of newly-added patent application of Mianyang last year surpassed 10,000 and ranked the second in Sichuan province thanks to Mianyang¡¯s deep implementation of the national strategic action plan of intellectual property. As they share highly-consistent strategic direction and advantageous fields, the two parties enjoy profound cooperation basis and vast potential for future development.

Liu pointed out that Mianyang is carefully implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China at present; it is working hard to strengthen the creation, protection and use of intellectual property and striving to enable intellectual property to create wealth in circulation as well as business value in industrialized operation, constantly reinforcing economic creativity and competitiveness. He genuinely expects that the two parties will, with this singing as a starting point, give full play to their respective advantages, extensively conduct pragmatic cooperation and make efforts to complement each other¡¯s advantages and join hands in strength to usher in a new era of comprehensive cooperation together. He sincerely hopes that Boao Zhongheng will view Mianyang as an important city in its strategic layout, carry out some high-quality projects, including Big Data Center, the headquarter and settlement center the Intellectual property and Business Finance, to help lift mutual cooperation to a higher level on the existing basis. He hopes it will also introduce advanced philosophy, thinking and business model to Mianyang so as to further improve the construction of platforms like the transaction center of dual-use technology and raise the level of marketization, internationalization and professionalization of some exhibitions, including Sci-Tech Expo. By doing so we can realize the alignment between innovative results and market demand as well as industrialization capital, transfer scientific and technological innovation advantages into genuine economic development advantages and serve the major strategies of innovation-driven development and military-civilian integration development well, injecting momentum to the practice of national mission. Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and Government will create a sound environment and provide excellent service for the projects of Boao Zhongheng in Mianyang to propel the mutual cooperation to yield fruitful results.

According to Xie Xuhui, the cooperative project is finished within three months from negotiation to signing, which fully shows the proactive attitude and vigorous pragmatic style of Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and Government to push forward the mutual cooperation. The company thinks highly of its development prospect in Mianyang, thus it will reinforce its investment and accelerate its project construction progress in Mianyang so as to strive for early completion, use and effect of projects; meanwhile, it will also develop pragmatic cooperation with Mianyang in broader field and at higher and deeper level to make contributions to the construction of national Sci-Tech City.

After the discussion, Sun Fuquan, vice mayor of Mianyang, and Chen Dong, CPO of Boao Zhongheng, signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on behalf of the two parties; the management committee of the high-tech park and Boao Zhongheng signed the Project Investment Agreement. The agreement suggests that Mianyang Municipal Government and Boao Zhongheng should strengthen their cooperation in terms of holding Sci-Tech Expo, serving intellectual property, constructing technology platform and fostering high-end talents. Boao Zhongheng will invest and build the headquarter of Boao Zhongheng in southwestern region and the Research Institute of Intellectual Property of Sci-Tech City (Mianyang) in high-tech park.

Han Shengjian, vice mayor of Mianyang, and Tan Gang, general secretary of Mianyang Municipal Government, participated in the inspection, discussion and signing ceremony. (Ma Xinyou, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)