Liu Chao Meet with Thomas Nolting, President of IAIT

Implements the cooperative consensus with practical actions

On November 27, Liu Chao, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor, met with Thomas Nolting, the president of IAIT (Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology).

Liu Chao said that since China established diplomatic relations with Germany 45 years ago, frequent high-level interaction, in-depth pragmatic cooperation and extensive exchanges have been conducted. Especially in July this year, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Germany; leaders of both countries draw new blueprint, set new goals and paths under the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Germany. IAIT has focused on promoting the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in the global scope of Europe and Germany's experience in the advanced manufacturing industry and industry 4.0. As China's new industrialization demonstration base, Mianyang is an important carrier of the strategic task, key industries and major projects of "Made in China 2025 กฐ. The bilateral cooperation is in line with the consensus reached between China and Germany. It also complies with the strategic orientation in deepening their cooperation. We hope both sides could rely on Sino-German (Mianyang) innovation cooperation platform, accelerate the construction of Sino-German intelligent manufacturing industrial park, support enterprises, institutes, colleges and universities in carrying out technical research and achievements transformation in domestic and international market. We should concentrate on advanced manufacturing industry, conduct in-depth cooperation in high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields; we should explore the establishment of industrial development fund, supporting both small and medium enterprises in carrying out international cooperation; we should establish high-level professional and technical personnel training institutions in Mianyang, jointly implementing professional training system; we should establish bilateral exchange mechanisms and carry out pragmatic exchanges through major activities like Mianyang International High-Tech Expo. We should strive to build Mianyang into the docking demonstration city between "Made in China 2025" and German industry 4.0 with practical actions and cooperation.

Thomas Nolting said that he would put the cooperation between advanced manufacturing industry and industrial innovation upgrading as the core and actively participate in Sino-German (Mianyang) innovation cooperation platform. He would guide more powerful German and even European enterprises to invest in Mianyang, bring much high-end technology, projects and personnel in Mianyang, and promote bilateral cooperation to bear fruitful results.

Luo Zongzhi (vice mayor) attended the meeting. (Ma Xinyou, Mianyang Daily)