A Grass-root Representative Delegation from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Visit Mianyang for Exchanges

(Mianyang News) A grass-root representative delegation of 38 people from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, composed of 20 borough chiefs and representatives of Community Development Association and Relief Society, led by member of KMT Central Committee, Lin Siyu, visited Mianyang for exchanges. They were divided into 5 groups to visit 5 communities, that is, Fuxi community of Fucheng District, Tiyun Village Road community, Jianyi community, Jianxi community and Mianzhou community. Exchanging activities were held under the theme of ˇ°Renew blood ties, and promote exchanges and communicationˇ±. Zhao Yu, deputy director of the provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, attended.

Members of the delegation participated in and experienced community daily work with community cadres of Mianyang so as to understand history and culture of the city and to feel the development of the city. Besides, two sides also had deep exchanges upon community building, cultural inheritance, exchanges and cooperation, to name but a few.

In the subsequent seminar, Lin Siyu pointed out that this visit was fruitful and they would draw on Mianyang experience and practices in community governance and community building. She also hoped to further strengthen cooperation with Mianyang on grass-root exchanges and to deepen understanding through communication.

Zhao Yu pointed out, the mainland and Taiwan are brothers of a family. He hoped Taiwan compatriots can have more travels to the mainland, like Sichuan province, so that they can feel in person the great achievements made since the mainland has carried out the reform and opening up. He also advocated that people from the mainland and Taiwan can work together to map out the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

After the exchanging activities, Fuxi community also signed Pair Cooperation Framework Agreement with the borough Shangyi, Kaohsiung. They reached consensuses on how to promote exchanges and cooperation on community governance, cultural inheritance, voluntary services, creative industries, humanistic care and youth interaction, to name but a few.

(All-media reporter from Mianyang Daily: Yuan Yuan)