The 2nd China Innovation Challenge Match Starts Next Month

(Mianyang News) The reporter recently learned from the hi-tech zone that the military-civilian integration special tournament of 2nd China Innovation Challenge Match (Mianyang city) will be held in Mianyang in December 15. It has released 86 enterprise's technology innovation demands and all the participating units will bring solutions to the scene at that day.

According to the introduction, the organizing committee of the tournament will organize expert team to visit nearly 500 sci-tech enterprises, and excavate 120 items of enterprise's technological innovation demands. After experts' full discussion, 86 real, effective and urgent military-civilian integration technology innovation needs will be selected and released to the public for solutions. These demands cover electronic information, equipment manufacturing, chemical industry and environmental protection, bio-medicine, new energy and new materials and other industry fields. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, scientific research institutions, social organizations and institutions of higher learning, individuals and other organizations can sign up for the competition.

During the competition, the "site challenge" and "competition docking" links will be set up. Corresponding solutions for three technical innovation needs will be competed on-site. The on-site challenge will set up 3 winning prizes, with the total bonus of 300,000 yuan; 6 excellent awards, with the total bonus of 120,000 yuan; the award-winning units and individuals will be awarded certificate on-site. Projects promoted to the "competition docking" and forming the real technical cooperation will be given priority by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the provincial science and technology department, the municipal technology and intellectual property bureau and management committee of Mianyang hi-tech zone in the next year's science and technology plan.

It is reported that this special tournament is guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology and jointly held by the torch high technology industry development center of Ministry of Science and Technology, provincial science and technology department and the provincial joint meeting office that promotes the "mass entreprenuership and innovation". It is jointly hosted by the management committee of high-tech zone, the municipal technology and intellectual property bureau, military-civilian integration office of management committee of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City. The special tournament aims at helping enterprises solve technical problems. It builds the docking platform of enterprise technology needs and scientific and technological achievements through the four stages including the "demand mining, demand publishing, solution collection, competition" to promote the transformation and transfer of dual-use scientific and technological achievements. (Chen Jungang,Deng Xuelin, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)