Sichuan Tourism Investment and Financing and Marketing Meeting Was Held in Pingwu

(Mianyang News) Recently, Sichuan tourism investment and financing and marketing meeting has been held in Pingwu, which was designed to boost the confidence of tourism at the Jiuzhaigou circular highway in the wake of 8กค8 Jiuzhaigou earthquake and promote the tourism investment, financing and marketing in the whole province. Xie Haiyin, sub-inspector of Sichuan tourism development committee and Luo Zongzhi, vice mayor of Mianyang have attended the meeting.  

As is pointed out by Xie Haiyin, the green hills and clean water in Sichuan province are the most valuable resources and Sichuan province is provided with the unique advantages and conditions to build the excellent tourism brand, make the tourism industry strong and promote the tourism to benefit the people. In recent years, the development of tourism in Pingwu has gained momentum and produced remarkable achievements. The relevant investors and journalists are expected to introduce Pingwu more in order to help the regional economic development of Pingwu.

Luo Zongzhi said that Mianyang will combine the poverty alleviation and regard the poverty alleviation through tourism as an important way to reduce poverty through industry development and increase the income through the industry. The focus shall be on building a multi-layered tourism investment platform featured by the government investment as the leading role, the enterprise investment as main part and participation of bank loans and other social capitals in order to realize the cooperation and mutual benefits.  

In the meeting, professionals from the tourism industry of Pingwu, Deyang, Guangyuan and Aba prefecture has promoted and introduced the local tourism resources respectively and signed a tourism investment and financing contract. In the meanwhile, seven tourism development agreements, such as Panda IP Strategic Cooperation Agreement etc, have been signed to promote the development of tourism (Pei Yusong, Deng Xuelin, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily:)