Liu Chao Works on the Key Enterprises and Projects

(Mianyang News) In accordance with the "Notice on the implementation of the system of leaders at municipal level contacting key enterprises and projects", and the arrangements from the scheduling meeting for Mianyang's economic operation in the fourth quarter, Lichao, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor presided over the symposium on the key enterprises and projects, such as Jiuzhou Group, Pangang Group Jiangyou Changcheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as PGJCSS) and Shuanghui Group on November 2. It aims to help enterprises solve the difficulties from production and management, and the problems in project implementation.

"PJGCSS has achieved profit after 20 years' losses", "part of FULIN.P.M's technology has reached the international advanced level in the same industry"... After hearing the reports on the production and operation of such enterprises as Jiuzhou Group, PGJCSS, Shuanghui Group, FULIN.P.M, Huaxiang Mechanics, and project process including the "Jiuzhou Electronic's industrialization project on the managed and controlled security intelligence terminal " and "Brilliance Auto complete vehicle project with annual output of 250,000", Liu Chao highly appreciated the gratifying achievements made by the enterprises. He hoped that they should set up high aims and lofty aspirations, make persistent efforts to continually break new grounds in technology, products, standards and brand, enhancing their core competitiveness and making more contributions to accelerating the scientific development of Mianyang.

Liu Chao pointed out that the report of the Party's 19th National Congress makes it clear that: " In developing a modernized economy, we must focus on the real economy". Key enterprises and projects are the pillars for Mianyang's steady and sustainable economic and social development. All localities and departments should earnestly study and put the guiding principles from the Party's 19th National Congress into action, strictly implement the goals and plans from the provincial party committee, provincial government, municipal party committee and municipal government. We should adhere to the "enterprise-centered" development philosophy and firmly establish the strong sense that serving the enterprises or projects is serving the development of Mianyang. We should focus on the enterprises and projects and strive to promote the efficient and quality construction of projects and enterprise to become bigger and stronger, advantages, achieving a sustainable development with a higher quality, efficiency and equity.

Liu Chao stressed that we should conscientiously implement the system of leaders contacting key projects and enterprises, go to the front line of enterprises and projects, strengthen guidance services, coordinate and solve specific problems, thus promoting the project construction and enterprise development. We should further implement the measures of serving enterprises, adhere to precise service: one policy for one enterprise according to the actual situation, improving the pertinence and effectiveness of services. We should effectively solve the practical problems faced by enterprises in market development, capital requirements, personnel training, factor security and other aspects. We should adhere to the principle of streamlining administration, delegating power and strengthening regulation in order to deregulate the enterprises, reducing the costs and burden and promoting them to grow stronger. We should further accelerate the progress of projects and adhere to the principle of developing work with projects as the core. We should deeply implement the "Project Year" activity. We should set the detail list for the questions and difficulties found in the project implementation, and solve them one by one. We should make sure that the responsibilities, factor guarantee and coordinated and service are fully implemented; more investments and physical workload are realized. We should further promote the development of industrial clusters, strive to upgrade traditional industries, cultivate new industries, revitalize the stock, enlarge increment and improve the quality. We should accelerate the development of key industries such as the electronic information, automobile, new materials, food and other key industries, create industrial clusters with regional characteristics and advantages and inject strong impetus to the sustained and healthy economic development of Mianyang.

Municipal leaders including Yuan Fang, Zhao Yichun and Tan Gang attended the symposium. (Ma Xinyou, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)