Mianyang Builds Sichuan Second Auto Industry Base

On October 27, the Prince engine authorized by German BMW Group to be produced by Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co. Ltd is officially put into operation. Picture shows the production shop (Pu Tao, all-media reporter from Mianyang News)

(Mianyang News) On October 27, the Prince engine authorized by German BMW Group to be produced by Mianyang Xinchen Power Machinery Co. Ltd is officially put into operation. On the same day, Mianyang held the 2017 new projects and products conference of auto industry. This engine with internal codename "King project" is known as one of the most outstanding engines for BMW and even the world. Its production in Mianyang shows the advantageousl pattern of Mianyang is becoming more apparent because of the synchronous development between the complete vehicle and auto parts, new energy vehicles and traditional cars. It marks that Mianyang is getting closer to the goal of becoming the second largest automobile industry base in Sichuan, the new energy automotive industry cluster of Sichuan and intelligent automobile industry base in the southwest region.

The conference released data of Mianyang's auto industry from January to September this year. During January to September this year, the output value of Mianyang's auto industry reaches 17.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%; 22 new projects are started with total planned investment of 5.25 billion yuan, covering four fields including the traditional passenger car, intelligent connected vehicle, new energy vehicles and special vehicles; 30 more products are added, covering two fields including the complete vehicle and parts. The number of new energy vehicles is 1,282, 14 times the number of last year; the number of lithium battery is 29.835 million, 426 times the size of the last year.

At present, Mianyang has three enterprises that can produce the complete vehicle; 20 vehicle products have gone to mass production. It has become an important complete vehicle production base in Sichuan. According to the four-level index classification of directory of China automobile industry standardization, a complete vehicle has a total of 41 categories of parts, among which 36 of them could be produced in Mianyang. Breakthroughs have been found in new energy vehicles, manufacturing of complete vehicle, lithium-ion batteries and other supporting parts and the research and technology. Changhong, Jiuzhou and other enterprises have a leading position in the automotive electronics technology in the country.

As a large industrial city in Sichuan province, Mianyang has a a certain foundation for the automobile and parts industry. Since 2010, the municipal party committee and government have put the automotive industry as a pillar industry for industrial development. They focus on the cultivation and development of the automobile industry. Therefore, Mianyang's automotive industry gradually enters a rapid and healthy development track, with the leading enterprises of complete vehicle and engine playing the leading role and the parts company coordinating with them. At present, Mianyang has 65 automobile and parts enterprises above designated size, including Huarui, Mustang, SINOTRUCK, one national technology center in the automotive industry, seven provincial-level technology centers and nine municipal technology centers. The "Made in Mianyang" complete vehicle products include heavy truck, light truck, pickup, SUV, cars, new energy vehicles and so on. It has a variety of vehicle types, including the Zhishang S30, Hercules, Aziz, Mustang T70, special heavy truck, LNG heavy truck and so on. The parts include the engine assembly, steering gear assembly, transmission shaft assembly, car frame, all kinds of filters, กฐbattery, motor, electronic control" of new energy vehicles and other kinds of products.

Since 13th Five-Year, the municipal party committee and government has formulated the comprehensive planning of Mianyang Automobile Industry Park in advance. They focus on the development of complete vehicle, key parts, automobile post-market, automobile cultural and creative industries and others. The industrial system is further complete, industrial agglomeration effect being more obvious and industry competitive advantages being more prominent. In the future, Mianyang auto industry will choose the electrification, intelligence and light-weighting of industry as its main developing direction. It will focus on auto industry featuring "passenger vehicle, intelligent connected vehicle, new energy vehicle, key assembly and special vehicles", highlight the differentiated competitive advantage and strengthen industrial policy research, market analysis and industry guide. It will encourage enterprises to play the comparative advantages, actively carry out technological transformation and accelerate technological upgrading, technical reserve and product development. Therefore, the industry system of intelligent connected vehicle and new energy vehicle is formed, with the leading electronic information enterprises and complete vehicle enterprises as the driving force, and the supporting enterprises including the battery, motor, electric control, AI industry, chip industry as the supporting force.

It is expected that by 2020, the total production capacity of Mianyang automobile industry will produce more than 450,000 vehicles, with the total sales revenue reaching above 50 billion yuan. The ratio of total industrial output value of the automobile and parts enterprises above the designated size to the gross output value of industry above designated size increased from 5.7% in 2015 to more than 10%, the automotive industry becoming the second largest pillar industry next to the electronic information industry. (Wang Qing, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)