2017 Sichuan Panda International Eco-Tourism Festival Is Held in Pingwu County of Mianyang City

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On October 26, 2017 Sichuan Panda International Eco-tourism Festival was held in Pingwu County of Mianyang city. The theme is "Forest Mianzhou, Panda Homeland, Charming Pingwu". Bao Jianhua, deputy director of Sichuan Forestry Department, Luo Meng, vice mayor of Mianyang, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Bao Jianhua pointed out that Sichuan is the producing area for the panda type specimen, inhabiting about 1,300 wild pandas and 400 in captivity. It has established 46 giant panda nature reserves, the population quantity and habitat areas of the giant panda ranking first in the world. The giant panda has become a synonym of Sichuan, and also a resounding business card of ecological tourism in Sichuan. Good ecological advantages are constantly being transformed into development advantages and realistic economic benefits.

Bao Jianhua stressed that Pingwu is known as "the first county of the giant panda in the world"; the number of wild pandas as well as the habitat area ranks first in the country. In recent years, Mianyang city and Pingwu county adhere to the development of ecological tourism and other industries enriching people with green resources, effectively promoting regional ecological economic development, helping people to get rich and working out a new way of solving poverty through ecological tourism.

Bao Jianhua hoped that we should conscientiously implement the spirit from the 19th CPC National Congress report, firmly realize that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and act on this understanding. We should cherish the environment as we cherish our own lives, develop eco-friendly growth models and ways of life. We must pursue a model of sustainable development featuring increased production, higher living standards and healthy ecosystems. Through this festival, we hoped we should give full play to the unique advantages of Sichuan: "the hometown of giant pandas", realize the organic integration between the protection and research on giant panda, and industry development and poverty alleviation, further enhancing the brand of Sichuan panda ecological tourism. We hoped that our society and relevant departments should make concerted efforts to spread "panda culture", to promote green development and the understanding of "jointly protecting the nature reserve", to protect the panda's habitat and share the beautifu, prosperous and harmonious Sichuan.

Luo Zongzhi, on behalf of the people's government of Mianyang, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the provincial forestry department and the community for long-term concern and support for the ecological construction and ecological tourism development in Mianyang!

manuscript is provided by: Municipal Forestry Bureau