The European Cooperation Fair Special Promotion Conference for the Sci-tech City Is Held in Mianyang

(Mianyang News) The 12th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair (abbreviated as "European Cooperation Fair") special promotion conference for the Sci-tech city was held in Mianyang on October 27. Vice mayor Sun Fuquan attended the promotion conference and delivered a speech.

More than 40 Representatives from concerning enterprises and institutions from Italy, Spain, Britain, Russia, France, Denmark and other countries attended the conference. They carried out the on-the-spot investigation and gained an in-depth understanding of the competitive industries, environment for innovation and entrepreneurship and other aspects of Pioneer Park of Science and Education of Mianyang; they communicated with the relevant parties to find opportunities for cooperation.

Sun Fuquan said in his speech that the holding of the special promotion conference marks that exchanges and cooperation between Mianyang and EU's relevant fields and regions enters go on a step further. We hoped that all parties would deepen the pragmatic cooperation between Mianyang and Europe and continue to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by taking this European Conference Fair as an opportunity. We hoped we would bring more talents, technology and projects from Europe and the world to Mianyang, and propogate more sci-tech enterprises in Mianyang to the Europe and the world through the platform of EU; We hoped to seek in-depth cooperation in more areas and make Mianyang's foreign cooperation and opening go a step further. (Wang Bo, Yuan Yuan, Yang Renping, all media reporters from Mianyang News)