Liuchao: Make the People Breathe Fresher Air

(Mianyang News) On October 23, the mobilization meeting for the tough fight against air pollution in the upcoming winter-spring period was held in Mianyang. Liuchao, vice secretary of municipal committee and mayor of Mianyang, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Liuchao pointed out that the prevention and control of air pollution is a significant political responsibility to implement the new development concept and an important livelihood project to fulfil the people-centered development ideal, which goes hand in hand with the overall situation and long-term development of Mianyang. All counties and departments shall, from the height of political consciousness and overall situation, profoundly realize that the prevention and control of air pollution is an issue of great importance and realistic urgency and the powerful implementation of the tough fight to prevent and control air pollution in the upcoming winter-spring period should be continuously proceeded in order to gradually improve the air quality and make the people breathe fresher air.

As is emphasized by Liuchao, attention shall be paid to the prevention and control of pollution sources in the first place. The control of pollutant emission: it shall strengthen the classified treatment of pollutants and avoid the simplification of working methods and the ¡°one-size-fits-all" approach according to the requirement of ¡°Three Types and One Batch¡± on the basis of the previous thorough inspection and rectification of polluted and disordered companies; it shall profoundly promote the treatment of volatile organic compounds in such key industries as the petrochemical industry, printing-packaging industry etc. and completely eradicate the coal-fired boilers. The control of dust: it shall pay adequate attention to the comprehensive treatment of dust-raising pollutant source in such places as the construction sites, the roads under construction and open storage areas etc. to make sure all-field supervision and all-process treatment. The control of car: it shall strengthen the control of high-emission mobile vehicles, such as the diesel-powered and obsolete vehicles etc. and pay enough attention to punishing those freight vehicles that illegally transport the muck and gritstone and fail to meet the exhaust emission standard. Besides, it shall earnestly carry out the comprehensive treatment. The focus shall be on the treatment of key industries, implementing the special treatment of such key industries as the cement industry, the bricks and tiles industry and strengthening the supervision of key gas emission companies to realize the comprehensive up-to-standard emission of industrial companies; it shall carefully guard against the straw burning and strictly control the pollution of the livestock and poultry industry to reduce the influence of agricultural activities on the air; it shall pay adequate attention to the treatment of key region and intensify the inspection of such areas as village-in-city, residential quarters and the alleyways in order to timely deal with the open burning, open-air barbecue and illegal setting-off fireworks. It shall focus on the treatment of key prevention time, concretely strengthen the prevention and control of pollution in such periods as the heavy pollution weather, holidays and night etc. in order to completely ward off the secret emission, secret release and illegal production. The steady promotion of structural adjustment: it shall speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, strictly control the highly-polluted and high energy consumption program, accelerate the upgrading and reconstruction of traditional industries, positively import those programs with less consumption of resource, less air pollution but better economic benefits, and preferentially support the advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, such as electronic information and high-end equipment manufacturing with the limited atmospheric environment capacity; it shall speed up the adjustment of energy structure, support the development of the energy conservation and environmental protection industries and clean energy industries, strengthen the supervision of high-polluted fuel such as scattered coal and minimize the total amount of air pollutant emission. Fourthly, the supervision of environment shall be carried out. It shall insist on the grid-based management, strictly fulfil the grid leader and members¡¯ inspection and surveillance duties and functions, strive to construct the grid management system featured by ¡°Extending every corner horizontally and longitudinally and achieving the complete coverage¡±, promote the intelligent control and speed up the construction of the united atmospheric environmental monitoring, atmospheric pollution source monitoring, environmental law enforcement and the information release platform. It shall insist on the governance according to the law and innovate the ways of law enforcement in the regional and cross-regional law enforcement in order to urge all the counties and departments to concretely implement various measures to prevent and control the air pollution and adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards the illegal behaviors.

As is required by Liuchao, the air pollution control is a fixed and hard task that must strictly fulfill the responsibility and strengthen the execution in order to form the working landscape of air pollution prevention and control featured by ¡°led by the government, implemented by the companies, driven by the market and participated by the public¡±. The organizational leadership shall take more powerful measures and put the air pollution prevention and control in the first place, make timely arrangements and push forward the implementation. More attention shall be given to the concerted actions and all relevant departments shall actively fulfill the responsibility and work on the same direction in order to do a good job in predicting, discussing and tackling the heavily-polluted weather. The supervision and accountability shall be even stricter and the requirements for ¡°The same accountability for party and government; double responsibility for the same position¡± shall also be strictly implemented to strengthen the procedural supervision and routine supervision and strictly claim the responsibility of those who failed to accomplish their task or do their work well. The publication and guidance shall be even more active to lead and urge companies to unconsciously fulfill the social responsibility of air pollution prevention and control and guide the public to actively participate in the pollution reduction in their daily life, production and consumption in order to establish a favorable atmosphere featured by ¡°Same breath, shared destiny¡±, which are co-established, co-managed and shared by the public in the whole city.

Yuanfang, member of municipal standing committee, vice secretary of party working committee in science and technology city, executive deputy director of management committee and party secretary of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Mianyang municipal, chaired the meeting. Peicheng district, Youxian district, Jiangyou city, economy and information commission of Mianyang and housing and urban-rural development of Mianyang shared their ideas in the meeting.  

Luomeng, vice mayor, Donghong, director of the Administrative Committee of high-tech district, Zhangsheng, mayor's assistant and Tangang, Secretary-General of Mianyang municipal city also attended the meeting. (All-media reporter from Mianyang Daily: Li Zhihao)