Line 79 (Train Station Square--Tangxun)

Route A (Train Station Square--Tangxun)

Train Station Square--Huayuan South Road Junction--Seventh Group of Wadian Village--Fifth Group of Wadian Village--Civil Aviation Flight University of China--Jinshui Village!Mianyang Nanjiao Airport--Sichuan Music College Mianyang Art College--Airport East Road--No.3 Road Junction--No.2 Road Junction--Nanhu Bus Station--Middle Section of Nanhu Road!Boya Hairun Square Residential Area!Jialai Fubinyinxiang Residential Area--Hongyueruige Residential Area--Shizhuozi--Fuyan Village--Fuyan Village (Request Stop)--Zhongxin Village--Tangxun

Route B (Tangxun--Train Station Square)

Tangxun!Zhuoxin Jinnantianjie Residential Area--Fuyan Village (Request Stop)--Fuyan Village--Shizhuozi--Hongyueruige Residential Area!Jialai Fubinyinxiang Residential Area!Boya Hairun Square Residential Area--Middle Section of Nanhu Road--Nanhu Bus Station--No.2 Road Junction--No.3 Road Junction--Airport East Road--Sichuan Music College Mianyang Art College!Mianyang Nanjiao Airport--Jinshui Village--Civil Aviation Flight University of China--Fifth Group of Wadian Village--Seventh Group of Wadian Village--Huayuan South Road Junction--Train Station Square

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