Line 77 (Jiuzhou Technician College--Yuexinyuan Residential Area)

Route A (Jiuzhou Technician College--Yuexinyuan Residential Area)

Jiuzhou Technician College--West Gate of Jiuzhou Sci-Tech Industrial Park--Jiuzhou Road Junction--Lingchuang Science Park-- East Gate of Jiuzhou Sci-Tech Industrial Park--Bajiao North Road--Tianfu College of SWUFE--Caiyuan Road Junction--Bajiaoyishe--Shangma New Village--Traffic Police Detachment Residential Area--South Section of Chuangye Road--Yuanyi Primary School--Luojiawan Road Junction-- Second Group of Yuantong Village--Yuantong Middle Road--Senior Grade Three Campus of Mianyang High School--Main Campus of Mianyang High School--Xianfeng Road Junction--Train Freight Station--Yuexinyuan Residential Area

Route B (Yuexinyuan Residential Area--Jiuzhou Technician College)

Yuexinyuan Residential Area--Library--West Side of Changhong International Residential Area--Chuanxibei Lighting Market--Main Campus of Mianyang High School--Senior Grade Three Campus  of Mianyang High School--Yuantong Middle Road--Second Group of Yuantong Village--Luojiawan Road Junction--Yuanyi Primary School--South Section of Chuangye Road--Traffic Police Detachment Residential Area--Shangma New Village--Bajiaoyishe--Caiyuan Road Junction--Tianfu College of SWUFE--Bajiao North Road--Bajiao Residential Area--Jiuzhou Technician College