Line 76 (Fule Coach Station--Xiaojian (Huimin Road Junction))

Route A (Fule Coach Station--Xiaojian (Huimin Road Junction))

Fule Coach Station--First Section of Xianren Bridge--Furong Village--Forestry Science and Technology Center--Mianyang Teachers¡¯ College--Mianyang Polytechnic--Wuxing Village Road Junction--First Community of Wuxing Village--Third Community of Wuxing Village--Seventh Community of Balong Village--Balongmiao--Huanglianshu--First Community of Balong Village--Third Community of Yixing Village--Gongqiao--Yixing Village Primary School--Yixing Village Committee--Chuanbei Prison--Xiaojian (Huimin Road Junction)

Route B (Xiaojian (Huimin Road Junction)--Fule Coach Station)

Xiaojian (Huimin Road Junction)--Chuanbei Prison--Yixing Village Committee--Yixing Village Primary School--Gongqiao--Third Community of Yixing Village--First Community of Balong Village--Huanglianshu--Balongmiao--Seventh Community of Balong Village--Third Community of Wuxing Village--First Community of Wuxing Village--Wuxing Village Road Junction--Mianyang Polytechnic--Mianyang Teachers¡¯ College--Forestry Science and Technology Center--First Section of Xianren Bridge--Xianren Bridge--Fule Coach Station (Xianhai Road)--Huaxing Road Junction--Fule Coach Station

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